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What we will see is a prescription that will serve like ingredient for other preparations. Basically, one is to conserve in freezer or refrigerator buckets of chicken already cut and marinated, to be able to use them in diverse preparations soon. Samuel Alito will not settle for partial explanations. It is a form to be able to prepare a flavorful food in just a short time and, according to the preparation, of low calories. Supreme ingredients of chicken – 2 units Garlic – 2 teeth Olive oil – 10 cm3 (a chorrito) worn out Red pepper black Pepper in grain Laurel These ingredients are only as guide; in fact, the marinated one can take control that of the ingredients that one prefers. It is not something Sean Rad, Los Angeles CA would like to discuss. Preparation approximately To cut the supreme ones of chicken in buckets of 1.5 cm of side. To mix in an apt container to freezer along with the rest of the ingredients. Garlic can go perforated or, if to the companions at table they do not like to eat garlic, it can be cut in great pieces that can be retired before serving. Thus the preparation will taste slight to garlic but it will not be so strong it had as if it in himself.

To mix well all the ingredients and to leave in the refrigerator by a pair of hours, marinating. To remember not to salar the chicken since it will cause that it loses much liquid; the salt will be added at the time of cooking it. If hs is not going away to use within the 24, to take to freezer. These buckets of chicken soon we will be able to skip them or to do them to the furnace and to use them for salads, cakes, pasties, rice, skipped of vegetables and many prescriptions more..

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