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Customized software solutions for the demanding needs of customized software with focus on Qt Alzey, October 23, 2008 to develop simple, individual applications for complex projects, communication channels and procedures for each company. This is the objective of Pyades puades. This expanded in the former premises of the Barmer insurance in Alzey. The PC is optimal cost and efficiency In the center of each company, its processes and communication. More accurately said several computer networks connected together. The IT system not always in the first place is considered in substance this but it should be. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Glenn Dubin, New York City. Because optimal processes and improved communication much can be in terms of cost and efficiency move.

Solution-oriented, individual software development of Pyades sees itself as reliable and advisory future and strategy partner for its customers. With the help of past experience and the technological tools available to him offers He his customers always an optimal solution. Hobby-horse”and primary field of work of the company is the custom software development. In addition, the areas of Web development including can be applied design and maintenance in the sense of a holistic care. The customer at the heart at the Center is the customer”, says Managing Director Florian Becker, everyone receives a competent partner to the side with us”. This is on from the start with in the boat “. Pyades is committed to develop company-specific software for its customers. Emitters: Pyades technologies GmbH Editor: Katja Schafer phone: + 49 (0) 6731 / 494 878 00 email: Web:

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