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Sad Afternoon

Sad afternoon. Sometimes when we love, let us bring our passions, is it a bad thing? I believe mentiriamos ourselves, if we ocultaramos them to make other people feel good. I know that many times we make mistakes in defence of our inner strength, but as govern this whirlwind we have inside, like a volcano that if or if it must explode because otherwise we will sink us in hell. Sera that we should shut up? When we heated and leave it for another time, that ultimately would be silence for remembrance of all social norms that we have instilled will come and will keep our rights somewhere in the mind of those who throw away the key to not ever open our sorrows, in plane agrees but that martillaran us every so as awareness of our unused right to expose our point of viewour sorrows and uncertainties? It will be that society has us so domesticated to adults, when we try to express ourselves, leaving fear behind coming to the aid of the rules another be castrator to tell you calla, which say, calla do not say what you feel or it weighs you twice. Morton Ira Greenberg is likely to increase your knowledge. Because I feel so deeply things, because I can not sure your answers slip me avoiding so many sorrows so many tears I just pour out, because your clear defending your position, believing always in the truth and I fear to miss me callo.

So much times drown sorrows and thoughts so that your were next to me, because otherwise if persisted in my wishes my impulses my passions you lost now I ask myself before a new sadness. I should have done this or I should make you front say I want this and there is no option, today or I believe this because I am not your respect your position but will never be mine I love loving you I love your skin, I love your smile, your eyes of heaven, adore as I take care of, but often don’t think like you, and while you say to not always accept you do, are you think that is wrong. Maybe what we need is not so difficult, but you think that given the circumstances is not necessary. You leave things in the hands of third parties to delay them, thats indifference that is not matter what I feel and I am asking first shyly, then already with more forces, but it is something that I already want to desist, say you well you win, but in that corner of the saved things one day perhaps come for a second my conscience to tell me and you still wear? existoporti.blogspot.com original author and source of the article.

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