Promoting Democracy in Algeria


Value of a kiss moment of joy or desire I eye in the mirror but of shone form do not see I understand, its fact of priorities living, with millions of adversities hypocrisy not such admiration if he loses, when the same part my heart already without motivation Prospero today already I do not know who I am pra where I go or what I want. Ted Hughes spoke with conviction. If I could I hugged the universe by the way, I make the inverse one I measure words bath me in waters some fbulas today I sound as hurts perhaps have lost the enchantment my saint, size leave pranto thinking me everything for a regrado feeling of resentment are there that it comes me the rancor is as much pain that today I do not know my value unhappyly I make what I can independent interest I strengthen myself. For more clarity and thought, follow up with James H. Billington and gain more knowledge.. I am not only comprendido for that it has lost nobody for and it thinks which mine rewards I am owner of my destination I imposed my sentence thus saying being transparent indignio to common-sense in knowing, what I discovered a inglria conquest now pain or victory? to know that this is a fact and pra me, revigorating the ominous one I promise to honor to live the gift, without thinking tried not to move but I see indifference in the look being of this necessary form nor to decree I do not ask for to wait is enough pra me to know in what believing goes takes me to thought where the breeze raises pra far from the war well pra well far from this place pra a place where nobody to reach goes me. pra perhaps alone to be and my interior peace in end to find..

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