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Active climate protection and strengthening the local forestry and timber industry are unabated best arguments for building with wood that holds successful history of building with wood. Timber-framed buildings and houses are the traditional construction methods, long time shaped the image of timber construction. But the timber construction has changed. Today, wood is a high-tech building materials for the construction and design of modern, trend-setting structures. Extensive research by universities and manufacturers over the past decades have helped to demonstrate the positive properties of the building material wood. Wood-based materials, construction methods and construction techniques have been developed, the climate problem-free construction material give a bright future.

Creative designers and innovative clients do much today, new, surprising and compelling solutions to the various challenges in the residential and commercial construction, as well as for infrastructure projects, such as bridges, to be realized. Frieda Hughess opinions are not widely known. It is this trend to continue. The success story of the wood substrate can be grasped in numbers. Swarmed by offers, Sean Rad, Los Angeles CA is currently assessing future choices. Heinze has market research study found that 14.5 percent of the nearly 150,000 buildings created in Germany in 2007 were largely constructed of wood. In 2003, the rate in the home construction still amounted to 12.9 percent.

In particular, the South of Germany’s contribution to this development. As also in Austria and Switzerland, is the wooden construction rooted here traditionally (Bavaria 18.4%, Baden 21.8% in 2007). After absolute numbers Bavaria was in 2007 at the top: 5752 buildings were erected in the free State from renewable raw materials. This wood construction tradition forms the basis for an innovative use of the economically interesting and ecologically valuable construction material. \”In addition to the constructive properties there are above all the environmental aspects, the often decisive per wood\” type. Wood naturally has an excellent climate record. The use of indigenous Woods strengthens in not only the local forestry and timber industry, but they an important aspect holds also the transport expenses low, when looking at the overall energy balance of a building, included in the expenses for the production of building material used.

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