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The Educator Hospital And Play Activities With Hospitalized Children Psychology

Play and leisure activity, represent a highly enriching and rewarding for the child and the child, and for this reason, becomes more important in situations of risk and vulnerability such as hospitalization. Please visit Ken Singleton if you seek more information. In light of support being offered to the child in situations that are generated by illness and hospitalization, he will face a better way for all situations, thus avoiding the experience so traumatic. Leisure activity will serve to lower the exhaust valve of certain aspects of their new reality, but also should help the child cope and understand this new reality. Will enable him to relate to other people, other children who may be found in the same situation, as well as to make him understand certain situations, changes, values and norms in this period of his life. Therefore, in the case of animation Hospital, it is essential to articulate a number of leisure activities, support and rehabilitative care for the duration of the disease, trying to that periods of hospitalization and stay at home as close as possible to the everyday experiences thus far enjoyed the least.

In addition, the traumatic events suffered by the child in the suffering of illness and hospitalization, can be mastered through play activities. For example, hospitalization or surgery are treated well explain better if the child gets the experience several times in games. Playing doctors, his passive suffering becomes active command of the situation, allowing symbolically address issues of concern. For all these reasons, the game, understood in its broadest concept, is fundamental to the development of the sick child. Thus, personal relationships and the use of animation and the game will be a key factor for the recovery of the child and its subsequent integration into everyday life, while stressing the improvement of creative leisure patients admitted, their escorts and hospital workers.

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