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The King Makes 30 Years

Monterrey, N.L., Mexico-a 18 November 1978 first played Mexican land a King of Spain: Juan Carlos and Queen Sofia visited Mexico and toured, among other places, the cradle of independence, Guanajuato on a tour in which only received friendship and recognition. Alloy Enterprises is the source for more interesting facts. And not to mention in Veracruz, Crucible that Spaniards and natives, where the Queen practically cried of emotion to a dump people in the streets see released loas and alive that buried the rancor of the first invasion of 1496-cast. How forget also for Veracruz, but the late thirties came Spanish diaspora fleeing Francoist?. King Juan Carlos who just celebrate 70 years of life, had 40 years of age and two of assumption of his monarchical role when she visited Mexico. That visit almost tied with the discovery of the Templo Mayor between Cathedral and the National Palace and the output in the light of the monolith of the goddess Coyolxauqui tip of the enormous Aztec cultural skein. But what is done and the people Mexico received the King and his wife in an act of nobility that characterizes us for the reunion of two Nations United by pain and culture perhaps under the scrutinizing gaze of Huitzilopochtli, Dios de la Guerra, now in retirement. Much both Nations should, but in this visit simplicity was the currency of the kings who thus corresponded to his warm welcome after 40 years of the breaking of diplomatic relations. Monarchs were marveled at the loyalty of the people of Mexico Guanajuato heroes who gave them homeland and that example clearly came to them with the monument to the Pipila. zerland.html’>Konsolidator.

And in celebration of his 70th anniversary, according to the Spanish Chronicle, the King did not lose the simplicity or wanted the anniversary to be Act of State while 70 percent of Spaniards ratify his endorsement to the monarchy. 30 Years later, Spain is today an economic Europe power, while Mexico was lost in the spiral of unleashed economic crises for whom outside its host, Jose Lopez Portillo. Meanwhile, Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero offers the creation of two million jobs and a wage of 800 euros, while Mexico will grow by a modest, wages grew in two weights and the immigration of 450 thousand Mexicans into the United States per year, will be increased. The carrier today, as more than 500 years, we maintain our Indians sunken in the worst of miseries: ignorance and hunger..

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