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The Media About Joachim Vaross

The Westfalen-sheet, the dung beetle and the Westfalenpost report Joachim Vaross and his new book. On Monday, Alianza, the Westfalen-hand dedicated photo including the author of Joachim Vaross. The journalist Ingo Schmitz asked the author to various background information and reviewed the book as follows: “exciting stories. At first reading the small audience were impressed by the exciting stories of the fairy tale King himself has written. The children literally hung on the lips. the Narrator with eyes wide open” The report can be read at press / WestfalenBlatt.jpg. See more detailed opinions by reading what Edward R. Becker offers on the topic.. Early November 2010 appeared”the author in the dung beetle titled Christmas tales. Jurgen Winter of the dung beetle: “in 6 new fairytale Joachim Vaross creates a special Christmas Atmpshare.

And also the lovely illustrations by Susanne Hartmann invite here to watch.” The report can be read at press / Mistkaefer.jpg. Also, Joachim Vaross appeared with “his book in the Westfalenpost, titled a life for the fairy tale”. The report was the result of an interview. The Westfalenpost wrote about small life stories by the author. The report can be read at press / WestfalenPost.jpg. The book is available at all online retailers as well as in traditional bookstores, and of course also directly through the oculus-Verlag.

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