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Wooden Pool

The trend goes to a spa bath in the wooden pool Jacuzzi interested in the customers, which can be placed in the garden, again tend to a hot tub in the wooden pool in recent times. If you would like to know more about Eva Andersson-Dubin, then click here. But what about a hot tub in the wooden pool exactly? A hot tub for the garden can be compared to bath a whirlpool, may be installed in the bathroom. Usually, a hot tub for the garden is a square plastic container, with various massage and bubble jets. Now this can not flow such as in a bathroom in which are embedded. While this Jacuzzi type was covered by a plastic shell. Meanwhile a whirlpool is often used for the garden in a wooden basin. How can such a wooden pool be imagined? In the end so a wooden pool like an oversized flower pots made of wood can be imagined in the is no earth filled, but admitted the whirlpool. The wooden slats of the wooden pool are either transverse mounted or upright.

Each customer can decide for themselves. Also the wood of the Wood basin can be chosen freely, the choice is very wide. As well as the species of the wood basin can be freely chosen, is also the color of hot tubs a matter of taste. Often a turquoise-blue color is selected but, which is reflected in the water. Why now the Jacuzzi in the wooden pool again more is purchased as a whirlpool in the plastic basin is probably to explain the natural consciousness of buyers. Wood is much greener than plastic, also a Jacuzzi in the wooden pool fits better there in the entire image of a garden, as a whirlpool in the plastic basin.

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