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Security Task Manager Software

There are tools that are used to inform us of special files, such as process analyzers, plug-ins, anti-spyware scanners, converters or file viewer. Programs like Security Task Manager shows all processes that run on Windows, including the functions hidden. and assigns a value to the security risks and indicates the likelihood of the process being a software spyware, malware, keylogger or a Trojan. Elarchivo.es offers programs that help us find the latest files modified. On the hard drive or within the subfolders, software automatically scans the hard drive and displays the last 100 changed files. Giving us as a result the name of file, the complete path of the folder, the file size and last modification date. You can also select another drive or a specific folder. This will only take 30 seconds to scan a total of 200 GB.

When you log in to the Analyzer is connects to the database from files in the file’s line this serves to retrieve additional information about the process, including the name of the real process and the name of the developer. So that you can check if the process belongs to the original system of Windows, if it is the correct folder, or if it is a virus or a Trojan. Security Task Manager offers us also softwares and programs that can be of much help to the management of the pc then mention other softwares which can be very useful to me. The remote process Viewer in Windows Task Manager. The one which shows all the processes running on a remote computer, which is located at a considerable distance from you. Other software to conciderar would be the Svchost Process Analyzer program that shows all svchost processes on your computer assets and verification services contained therein. This makes it more easy to find worms inside svchost as the infamous Conficker worm. The site has also a software that shows the icons.