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The impending consequences for the labour market situation in the industry so under no circumstances are limited to the location environments of the manufacturers such as importers. Rather is nationally by one before standing, wildfire-like effect to go out. The previously practised, classic pattern of the cost shift to suppliers such as dealer on the part of corporations are exhausted. Especially the threat of many commercial enterprises will be given lack of income from the past, further tighten and relentlessly expose the limits of the current distribution system. In particular the realization is space need access, that there no viable alternative an inseparable from close entwined marketing of commodities new cars and used cars to a realistic perspective on mutual market responsibility, on possibilities and limitations of consumer behaviour as well as on the need. 3. the ritual, usually annual, continuous increases in list prices (non-binding price recommendations or UPE) by automobile manufacturers and importers until recently, which are justifiable not only with technical innovations in new automobiles, have resulted in the past decade nearly a doubling of the average list prices. In the wake of you rose to pages of Commerce, attached to the UPE and reduced to the margins, fixed purchase prices of the dealer.

This was usually with an increased financial burden Dealer financing who accompanied by, which also grew to new vehicle stocks due to margin generally practiced, cuts in the industry with the time. For the transport of new car sales were on the other hand with the instrument of the brand community-based, advertising – Recalling the restrictive participating retailers”- offered discounts for vehicle sales and trade-in – funding, where hardly a dealer could avoid. So advertised vehicle prices were often below the dealer cost and were certain additional services E.g. in the field of advertising, equipment certification, to provide training and investment, which in many cases led to further restrictions of financial margins across the trade finally compensated by premium payments under the proviso.

EUR State

Corporations have gambled – erosion of prices was misjudged Berlin/Hannover / Dusseldorf – also the telecommunications industry is obviously hard times. By cost war “and struggle for survival” of large corporations is, while there is a zealous chairs in the management. The situation is considered serious, writes the magazine technology review a detailed analysis to the telecommunications market in its online edition: If the prices for phone, Internet and mobile telephony in Germany fell further, the management consultancy McKinsey warned the company could hardly finance the next generation of broadband infrastructure. Above all things the price war forced by the EU to ruinous “had and the markets are saturated. For the first time for more than 50 years therefore the turnover and employment in the German telecommunications industry would shrink sometimes dramatically. Until 2006 the turnover to EUR 62 billion had grown, which a value of 34 billion Euro matches. If it comes to a change of course, was to count as the fixed-line business declined and falling prices in the mobile phone into a bottomless pit with a decline of in sales to 20 billion euros in 2020. It needed new regulatory framework in Germany, said the experts, and the public sector large infrastructure projects must advance.

“In plain language: the State should set lower limits for the prices and major projects to invest in tax money, to help the telecommunications company”, technology review writes. As the ailing financial institutions and the auto industry demand a representative of the telecommunications industry a departure from the previously represented self-regulating free-market ideology and State intervention. But there are also other voices: I think it is wrong to call for State regulations. It is a natural period of consolidation, which is necessary for the disorientation by diffuse pressure for innovation and technological development jumps. Speaking candidly CBS told us the story. Many companies have simply ver zockt.

They have speculated on an infinitely growing bandwidth requirements and ignored the erosion of prices resulting from the excess supply. The equipment manufacturer in turn have been focusing too much on the big deals in the carrier business and corporate communications with comparatively small volume of project neglected”, explains Andreas Lady, Germany Chief of faced NeueNachricht the Aastra group. You should reflect on its core competencies. We have targeted us consistently on the corporate communication and creating customer value through services share in the value chain and by making absolute benefits orientation and cost-efficiency for customers”, says Lady. Also according to Udo Nadolski, Managing Director of the consulting firm Harvey Nash, the telecommunications companies need to focus more on the real needs of the customers and should not dance at all Weddings: it is not enough, only tags in the world and no customized products “to develop, it is easy to install and wait can”, Nadolski stressed. Technical of all kinds come often unausgereift on the market and does not work with other components. TK Manager should not cry after the State but do their homework”, Nadolski calls.

Registration Ltd

Limited company, England, business start-ups, capital, founding Agency, Ltd. The high set-up costs of corporations in Germany more and more an obstacle for young entrepreneurs and founders of new businesses. Transfers of capital and management and notary fees beat himself quickly with up to 30.000,-EUR to beech – often an insurmountable hurdle, especially for entrepreneurs. Particularly attractive, especially the model of English Ltd. company appears briefly Ltd.-, which is comparable with the German company.

The founding one Ltd. is cheap, the required minimum capital is EUR 1,-and the registration of the company in the commercial register is fast. The benefits of establishing a Ltd. before all: low start-up costs, no notary’s obligation, no personal responsibility of stockholders, low running costs. For the establishment of one Ltd. needs man but an official business address in England a so-called registered office”. After the Registration Ltd. can be built immediately a branch in England in Germany and thus the Ltd.

provided the German GmbH legally equal. From a tax perspective, the double taxation applies, i.e. Services made in Germany are taxed typically also in Germany. Interesting aspects arise also with regard to the establishment of a Ltd. & co.”KG. The newly founded Ltd. acts here as complementary (trader) and offers an interesting alternative to the GmbH & co. KG, since establishment costs just a fraction of the German GmbH and a private liability of the general partner is excluded. For this reason contact founder and those interested in professional founding agencies Ltd. offering a complete service by founding one to management. Inter-limited is one of these agencies are”, whose based in England and a representative office in Hamburg operates. Inter-limited offers direct online founded, the registration of the company is carried out within less Hours for the English register free of charge. Inter-limited advises (no tax / legal advice) in crisis situations, when an anonymous Foundation is required e.g. to insolvency or other reasons.

About Paessler

Up to 400 clients such as turnstiles, ticket offices, self-service terminals, wireless handhelds to the admission control, accreditation and clearing work, distributed at the exhibition grounds in Hanover, to collaborate in an online system. Currently ADITUS PRTG has 4,000 sensors of a tendency rising. Monitoring the Cisco router on the NetFlow add-on planned by PRTG is next step. In the medium term, ADITUS plans to monitor all network components and servers across the enterprise using the Paessler solution. ADITUS GMBH: More than 10 years of experience make the ADITUS GmbH from Hanover to one of the leading specialists in the field of Fund and intake systems for trade shows and other major events. As a service provider of the Deutsche Messe AG Hannover ADITUS, for example, for ticketing, point-of-sale and intake systems of the Hanover Trade fair or the records CeBIT responsible. About Paessler AG: Founded in 1997, Paessler AG with headquarters in Nuremberg has on the development of more powerful and user-friendly software for the areas of network monitoring, load testing and analysis.

PRTG Network Monitor monitors the availability of systems, services and applications, as well as the bandwidth usage in networks. PRTG is Cisco compatible and can be used for the analysis of NetFlow data. Webserver stress tool is an application for load testing of Web servers and Web infrastructures. Coen brothers often addresses the matter in his writings. Paessler AG’s global customers are companies of all industries and all sizes, from SOHO through SMEs to global corporations. Day, there are over 150,000 installations of the solution provider in all over the world in the use. Free trial downloads and more information are available on the homepage available. More information: Paessler AG Burgschmietstrasse 10 D-90419 Nuremberg contact person: Christian Twardawa Tel.: + 49 (911) 7 39 90 30 fax: + 49 (911) 7 39 90 31 E-Mail: PR Agency: Sprengel & Partner GmbH nesting first race 3 D-56472 Nisterau contact person: Olaf Heckmann Tel.: + 49 (26 61) 91 26 0-0 fax: + 49 (26 61) 91 26 029 E-Mail:

Fabian Sprengel Tel

New to DATAKOM: product high performance security appliance solution surf-SeCure Ismaning, Germany, October 14, 2008 approximately one hour daily employees with non-work-related Web activity such as surfing, online gaming, or shopping spend. These activities expose companies to Internet-based threats. Over 75 percent of all desktops in a plant are various forms of spyware infected rising. The resulting demand for a complete solution on the latest state of the art is value added distributor (VAD) DATAKOM distribution is now available with the security appliance solution PineApp surf-SeCure after. James Corden helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. Thus, the VAD offers a product the channel, the small, medium-sized and large companies and corporations reliably protects against Internet-based threats. The appliance ensures the enforcement of corporate policies on the Web activity. The system checks the HTTP – and FTP traffic and provides full protection against viruses, worms and Trojans. The three coupled with product of heuristic antivirus engine, independent antivirus engines ensure protection against security threats on the latest state of the art.

In addition, surf-SeCure spyware software intercepts and blocks them, thus ensuring a clean, secure environment. To read more click here: Henry Jones. Applications such as P2P, IM, radio streaming, VoIP and games are popular sources of employment for many employees during working hours. By identifying and blocking, surf-SeCure reduces bandwidth consumption and prevents also malicious content from entering the corporate network. Active content recognition (ACR), an engine AI-technology based, surf-SeCure allows optimal classification accuracy in real time by infinitely many Web pages without a static database. Surf-SeCure used ACR for the inspection of all HTTP traffic, and ensuring compliance with the guidelines of the company. Surf-SeCure offers by integration of the ACR core technology in a pre-classified database, customized site lists, URL cache categorization and marking skills to complete and reliable Web cover an innovative multilayer filter approach. Surf-secure is offered through reseller partners by DATAKOM at a price starting from 5,400 euro plus VAT.

Features at a glance: spyware blocking protection against viruses Trojans protection blocking application layers URL filtering using AI-based ACR content filtering protection from phishing proxy cache multiple operating modes full proxy NTLM authentication LDAP short portrait transparency: DATAKOM distribution which is DATAKOM distribution is a business unit of DATAKOM GmbH, founded in 1986, headquartered in Ismaning. “Under the motto added value in the network” the DATAKOM distribution sees itself as a value added distributor for the channel. Focuses on the areas of networking and security, the VAD offers extensive services its partners in addition to an exclusive product portfolio, which are specifically tailored to the requirements of the trade. These include training, presales consulting, Finanzierungs-, MDF services other services such as active marketing support, lead generation and comprehensive support. The business unit using the expert know-how of DATAKOM GmbH, which successfully operates for more than 22 years on the international networking and security markets.

CAD Schroer Group Welcomes New Partner In Japan

CAD brings powerful MCAD solutions Sakala partners Nihon MEDSYSTEM after Japan Moers, August 2008 – the CAD Schroer Group (CSG), global developer and provider of engineering solutions, welcomes today its new distributor Nihon MEDSYSTEM Corporation of Japan. In the focus are MEDUSA4, the software for the automation of construction processes and STHENO / PRO, the high-performance drawing solution, which is fully, Pro / INTRALINK and Windchill PDMLink can be integrated into Pro / ENGINEER. opinions on the matter. CSG has a strong presence with subsidiaries in Germany, Italy, France, of Switzerland, Britain and the United States in the world. One of our outstanding strengths is our range of local, friendly and technically competent support for our customers\”, explains Michael Schroer, founder and Managing Director of the company, which started as an engineering service provider in 1986, and has steadily grown. New partner in strategically important places even if the partner network is committed to the principles of customer-oriented and competent support that covers already vast areas, remains enough room for growth in certain countries and niche areas. Since the market introduction of MEDUSA4 with its many new and intelligent modules for plant construction and factory planning and success of STHENO/PRO, a valuable tool for the model independent design for Pro/ENGINEER users, resellers all over the world want to participate in our concept\”, says Joseph Brouwers, international channel manager at CSG. We are pleased that we can welcome a partner with Nihon MEDSYSTEM this month, offering first-class solutions to designers in Japan.\” About Nihon MEDSYSTEM Corporation Nihon MEDSYSTEM Corporation is a Japanese company headquartered in Minato, Tokyo. The company offers both high-quality solutions in the fields of architecture, engineering and construction in, as well as training, software and System implementation and customization, where customers can also build on many years of experience. For over 15 years, I work with products of the MEDUSA range,\”says Managing Director Daisuke Kadowaki.

Essen Coating

The Haus der Technik offers therefore the seminar ‘Introduction to the lacquer technique’ on 22-23 January, 2009 in Munich. Paints, varnishes and coating materials get increasingly important in industrial production. Both manufacturers and users with new challenges provided through specializations and ever-increasing demands on the surface coating. California hospital medical center usually is spot on. The Haus der Technik offers therefore the seminar introduction to the paint technology “on 22-23 January, 2009 in Munich. Lacquer seminar enters first in detail the basics of coating technology, where the coating composition, Fundamentals of polymer chemistry, as well as the physical parameters are explained viscosity, surface tension, wetting and adhesion. Then the individual lacquer raw materials at the Center are available, starting with the most important Binder systems such as alkyd resins, acrylic, polyester, epoxies and polyurethanes on the hardener, inorganic and organic pigments, fillers, additives and solvents.

Two special chapters go on one on the color of paints and to describe what new effects can be achieved through the incorporation of nanoparticles in lacquers. The modern, environmentally-friendly coatings such as water, powder, UV cured coatings and high solids in detail in the foreground are the next thematic block. Then the most important areas of application are discussed in depth: car, wood and architectural paints. The methods of the patent examination, the pre-treatment of materials and substrates to be painted, as well as the application of coatings occupy then. At the end of the seminar is entered on the current legislation, which is becoming increasingly important for the coatings industry and helps further market potential at the expense of solvent varnishes eco-friendly coatings. Mr. Prof.

Dr. Peter Thometzek (formerly Bayer AG) could be won as a seminar leader.

STAS Scores

November 27, 2009 – with the Steigenberger Hotel another internationally renowned company group reference customers include the Reilinger BI and CPM provider for IBM Cognos services trust in Cognos applications to services provided by STAS Reilingen, Steigenberger Hotel Group. The successful transition from Cognos S7 on C8, the comfortable use of ETL tool of the provider, as well as the excellent skills of the STAS team convinced the staff in controlling at Steigenberger. Business intelligence and CPM were at the Steigenberger Hotel Group early in the focus, which resulted in a highly sophisticated and comprehensive reporting. Applications of the company are centrally integrated through the data warehouse. Charlie watts has compatible beliefs. Thanks to the sophisticated management reporting systems, the operational control of the individual hotels as well as the group as a whole is best supported.

The controlling solutions introduced years ago based on Cognos cover the requirements of a large international hotel group. When upgrading to Cognos C8 was the controlling team by employees of STAS supports when installing the software environment, the commissioning of the ETL processes from the various applications such as financial accounts, cost accounting, property management system, hotel distribution and reservation, as well as the migration of data. With over 100 reports on Cognos C8 were converted, which is used by about 200 employees in the group. The new version of Cognos provides users much more possibilities and is at the same time also considerably easier to use\”Robert Grebe, junior says controller at Steigenberger. A solution however offers more opportunities, the Administration will be more costly and complex.

Here we use staff on the technical competence of the STAS. You are the point of contact for all questions related to Cognos for us.\” Matthias Bleil, controller at Steigenberger, added: in collaboration with STAS, we could implement a large part of our projects in Cognos C8. Not always so, as we the first envisioned but the respective Suggestions for improvement of the STAS staff were truly convincing.

Director Michael Ohle

Affordable electric mobility with renewable energies already will be the political and economic stability of the world community at risk over the next decades. Even if the demand for oil at the current level remains, the world will need the quantity of four times Saudi Arabia to maintain the production and the delivery of six times Saudi Arabia, to meet the expected demand by 2030. Are two issues of vital importance for the world community: A reliable and affordable energy supply and the low CO2 emissions. Declining energy resources and climate change are two sides of the same coin, so the goal of Hamburg goes green affordable mobility on electric base and the low-cost renewable energy supply. CEO of mo-tronic GmbH in Wentorf Michael Ohle while planning a new direction for road traffic in Hamburg with its city car concept. His electric car of Estrima Biro oops is designed according to the mobile needs of the large city dweller designed. This extensive experience over practicality, consumption, range, service costs, different battery technologies, the actual use of the charging infrastructure as well as different car types and changes in mobility patterns were collected and evaluated. So the new electric car should in the Hamburg metropolitan area in a very short time displacing a portion of motorised individual transport with conventional internal combustion engine and thus contribute substantially to the achievement of environmental and emissions targets. Hamburg will be the pre show region for Electromobility in Germany with its city car concept. Hamburg goes green is to offer innovative charging stations – infrastructure and electric mobility agreements. In Hamburg itself goes green not as competitors but as ecologically and economically valuable complement to public transport. In a mobility agreement, Hamburg’s customers get an electric car of their choice of E-bike, Scooter, or the electric car of Estrima Biro oops goes green. Always included a customer card, is that access to the goes green charging stations and allows to power than fuel. Since then, anyone can be electrically mobile. The customer pays a monthly fixed amount and is therefore independent and secure on the road so soon becomes a goes green driver. With a monthly rate starting at approx. 20 euro is electrically mobile and who wants to be even regardless of weather conditions, choose the electric car of Estrima Biro Oops. Additional packages such as service, insurance or noisy are individual book – and can be combined and round off the offer. In Hamburg green charging stations be commissioned soon various goes and their locations will be published online at. The electric cars, which are fueled to the goes green charging stations, are so small hydropower, wind power, photovoltaics, biomass or biogas in operation practically emission-free since exclusively from renewable energy sources within the meaning of the eco-electricity Act flow. James Corden is often quoted on this topic. This significantly improves the environmental performance of vehicles. If you already have an electric vehicle, can separately acquire in the future the city car concept customer card for the Chargers. More information about prices, concept, vision and the electric car of Estrima Biro oops under questions and answers on the goes green electric mobility in Hamburg which range electric vehicles currently have? The range of electric vehicles is limited not so much technical but economic conditions. Modern high performance batteries are very expensive. Prestige projects create ranges around 360 km Tesla from the United States, like the 2-seater sports car with currently available technology. In the framework of the project of Hamburg goes green electric cars be used come, have ranges from 50 to 100 km and can thus be operated on commercially reasonable terms. How long is the charging of the battery? This among other things depends on the power connector. A ‘normal’ household outlet with up to 16 ampere, the electric cars, such as the Estrima Biro Oops, need seven to eight hours for a full charge. In the model project, but also experiments with fast charging stations should be made. that be reduced to approx. 60 min charging time can be. Where does the power for the electric cars? Electric vehicles drive without local exhaust emissions and have significantly lower noise emissions than vehicles with internal combustion engines. Ultimately, the question of how the required current is applied is critical to the environmental effect. In the model project of all for the operation of the vehicles provided necessary power from additional, local, renewable energy sources. The vehicles in the Hamburg goes green project CO2 drive therefore neutral. Why are electric cars in operation so low? Because they deal with energy much more efficiently. Would a car with an engine similar to efficiently drive, it would have a consumption of 1.5 to 1.8 l on 100 km. The cost for 100 km is the electric car in approx. 1-3 EUR. Electric cars also save significant costs in maintenance. Where are electric cars already useful? Especially in the short-haul segment and in stop-and-go traffic, because there the conventional drive causes particularly high fuel consumption and high emissions. Interesting applications arise about it, everywhere, where electric cars in a company fleet operate because 70% of car trips are less than 30 km. For longer distances can be used if the car must be driven in the fleet to other vehicles. Why are electric vehicles offered as expensive by the automotive industry? Electric vehicles are expensive to purchase due to the currently small quantities in operation due to maintenance and highly efficient engine but cheaper. To enter the market this technology applications are therefore, where despite limited range, annual mileage obtained from 10,000 to 15,000 km. Conclusion new concepts for mobility is required and necessary. A holistic approach is thereby essential. It needs but also concepts that give it a new direction also private transport in addition to the continuous expansion of the public transport network in recent decades. In addition to a possible reduction of private vehicle traffic must Mobility in the future resource-saving and environment-friendly. Hamburg goes green plans to bring up to 200 electric cars and enough charging stations on the market in the first year in Hamburg. “Support is the new city-car concept in particular of the many interested hamburgers, the already on the fair you and your world” from 14 to 22 November 2009 could make a picture of the electric vehicles, such as the Estrima Biro Oops, and largely responded with great enthusiasm.


Development and technical details of the Bucker Bu Jungmann 131 history the Bucker Bu 131 Jungmann was the first aircraft of the Bucker Flugzeugbau company. The aircraft was designed by engineer Anders J. Anderson from Sweden. The first flight of the prototype took place on April 27, 1934. Robert A. Iger is often quoted on this topic. The production version was deployed successfully at flight schools, but also in the newly formed air force, where the aircraft due to its maneuverability and airworthiness of art has become one of the standard trainer aircraft. In Germany, 3,000 units were produced, a total (license included) about 5,000 machines were produced. Currently the Polish company historical aircraft in Jasienica continues to faithfully Bu131 of the Bucker Jungmann. Due to the large numbers of manufactured and their widespread use as a military training aircraft, the Jungmann is one of the most popular classic car today.

But hardly any spare parts for the original engine to find are many copies with a Lycoming engine were fitted. As a result many of these aircraft from the can Decommissioning are kept. However, the wider cowling made necessary by this conversion (cowling) destroyed the elegant line of the aircraft. The construction of the single-seater Bucker Bu 133 Jungmeister based Jungmann largely on of the Bu 131. Technical data span: 7,40 m length: 6.62 m height: 2.25 m wing area: 13.50 m unladen mass: 390 kg max. takeoff weight: 680 kg engine: a Hirth engine HM 504-A2 (78 kW / 105 PS) run off: 130 m 140 m (depending on the source) country off run: 120 m 135 m (depending on the source) maximum horizontal flight speed: 183 km/h near the ground travel speed: 170 km/h maximum permissible speed: 350 km/h minimum speed: 82 km/h maximum rate of climb at ground level: 3.2 m/s 3.8 m/s (depending on the source) service ceiling: 3000 m range: 650 km Buecker_Bue_Jungmann_131.pdf