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Car Insurance Prices

Car insurance prices rise slightly in 2010 the price of car in Spain (IPS) insurance index, comparative monthly that elaborates the insurer Direct insurance with the help of the Cronus Consultancy, has marked a slight trend of rise in prices during 2010. This trend is extracted from memory Balance IPS 2010, report to analyze the data of closure of the sector this year, looking like that in the monthly comparison, the eleven insurance companies of reference in Spain. The main conclusion of the memory is that the average number of annual variation in prices closes 2010 with a slight rise of a 0.33% accumulated in four modes: all risk with franchise, all risk without franchise, third base, and third expanded insurance. By modalities, third base and all risk without franchise experience an increase in premiums, a 3% the first and 2% the second. On the other hand, third expanded remains stable, at the same level that earlier this year, and all risk with deductible lower your premiums by 3%. About Direct Insurance for car insurance is the unique specialization of insurance Direct which gives a differentiation that the entire company is focused on this sector of activity, professionals with extensive experience and training in the same. 100% Owned by the AXA Group, it emerged in 1997 in Spain as one of the pioneering companies in the sector of direct insurance.

Since its inception it has focused on the permanent accessibility and direct care to offer a service of quality, making internet and phone media fast and reliable, fully adapted to the rhythms of life today. A service accessible, fast, comfortable and quality at very competitive prices.

Cost Compensation Arrangements

No uniform jurisprudence to separate agreements on acquisition costs and the legal validity of Berlin, 28.05.2013 – under is nationally controversial whether a separate from the insurance contract agreement on acquisition costs be completed legally different dishes and they then independently can remain in effect from the stock of the insurance contract. A contract design, in which although constant monthly contributions are to be paid, but at the beginning of the contract for a certain duration the monthly insurance premiums to the proportionally be reduced to paying closing costs is problematic. I.e. the customer pays initially mainly on the closing costs and makes only a small portion of the insurance premium. “Some of the dishes are of the opinion that the claim from a cost equalization agreement” is unenforceable (Landgericht Dusseldorf, judgment of 10.02.2011 – 11 O 401/10 and 03.05.2011 – 9 O 402/12;) Landgericht Rostock (10), NJW-RR 2010, 1694, AG, Krefeld, 24.06.2010 – 5 C-277/09).

So also, a recent decision of the Amtsgericht Warstein. The Court considers such a contract is S. 2 VVG among others according to section 169, para. 5 void. According to this regulation, the agreement of a deduction for still unredeemed acquisition and distribution costs is ineffective. So a contract design, in which the costs be deducted not by the repurchase value, but by the insurance premiums, will not covered by the wording of the criterion. Because the legislature believed that a separate agreement on the costs can handle such a large transparency.

Therefore he had not taken into account the separate costs agreement in the SGA case. But, the contracts go to the protective purpose of 169 5 S. 2 VVG. Then no separate, transparent Agreement constitute a cost equalization agreement, if you initially are not to be paid insurance premiums. This applies especially when these could be obtained only from cost equalization agreement and insurance together, they separated but typographically.