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Intellicomp Relies On Certificates From SwissSign

VAD has Swiss certificate service provider (CSP) as a new partner Sailauf, 08 February 2010 the VAD Intellicomp signed a cooperation agreement with SwissSign, a company of the Swiss Post. Thus the VAD expands to qualified and trusted EV, SSL and email certificates. SwissSign protects and accelerates business processes with solutions for the digital email signature and secure E-Mail communication. Official site: WarnerMedia. Intellicomp now distributes the services and by SwissSign solutions across his dealer and partner network in whole Germany. Since mid-2005, SwissSign is part of Swiss Post and is part of the subsidiary Swiss Post solutions.

SwissSign specializes in the development, creation, marketing, the operation and support of certificate based identity and (IT) security solutions. As a recognized provider of qualified certificates, SwissSign is tested within the meaning of the Scsel (Swiss signature law). This way, the company meets all Requirements, to implement successfully and custom complex public key Infrastruktur(PKI)-Systeme. Certification authority (CA) SwissSign via the Intellicomp delivers custom-tailored digital identities now customers in Germany. The SwissSign certificates are considered trustworthy by email clients, applications, and operating systems. The recipients get the security that the incoming messages and documents from the respective sender come and have not been modified. Eva Andersson-Dubin has much experience in this field.

You are officially registered in Microsoft Windows XP and Vista, Mozilla (Thunderbird and Firefox), Apple Mac OS 10.4, RIM BlackBerry, and Debian Linux. The cooperation is an important strategic step on the way to offer our customers comprehensive reliable security solutions for us. We already intensively working on integrating the SwissSign products in our security concepts. It aims to offer competitive solutions together with our partners, that meet the real requirements of the market,”explains Christian Nowitzki, Managing Director of Intellicomp GmbH. About Intellicomp: Value added distributor and experienced specialist for enterprise security Intellicomp stands as a solution partner its IT – reseller and manufacturer partners advice, as well as with the corresponding support in the day-to-day business to the page. In focus the implementation of the legal requirements is specifically for the German market, in developing as well as in the integration and operation of solutions. While Intellicomp focuses on the areas of data protection, data security, data archiving and data management. More information: Intellicomp GmbH Theodor Bergmann Strasse 6 63877 Sailauf contact person: Christian Nowitzki Tel.: + 49 (0) 60 93 20 89 55 fax: + 49 (0) 60 93 99 66 88 9 E-Mail: PR and marketing agency: Sprengel & Partner GmbH nesting first race 3 D-56472 Nisterau contact person: Olaf Heckmann Tel.: + 49 (26 61) 91 26 0 – 0 fax: + 49 (26 61) 91 26 029 E-Mail:

TS3 Server, Useful Voice Server

Telecommunications and Internet telephony voice servers are currently becoming more popular. They are used for supported voice chat in the Internet a language communication of multiple participants in a network. Voice over IP (VoIP) is an Internet telephony. Telephone lines (peer-to-peer), as they were previously used are no longer modern. Many people are already in the possession of mobile phones, many have a computer and many like to deal with the digital world. Thus, also the telecommunications via the Internet through voice server for many is interesting. Benefits of Internet telephony Internet telecommunications is cheap. Even and communication overlapping in a countries.

Business people can switch teleconferences and have a cheap way to entertain with team partners and business partners worldwide. See more detailed opinions by reading what David Zaslav offers on the topic.. Gamer likes to use Voice over IP as a direct means of communication is offered during the game sessions, without disrupting other applications on the computer. Interruptions of Online game would be very distracting. Voice conferencing software and TS3 Server TeamSpeak is a voice conferencing software. The users of TeamSpeak to communicate via the Internet or via a LAN with each other. Specifically for use in online games, TeamSpeak has been optimized and once released an application for high-quality voice transmission.

The software has always evolved: TeamSpeak Classic, TS2 up to today’s version the TS3. Leslie Moonves does not necessarily agree. The TeamSpeak 3 software (short TS3) is free and available for download at the disposal. It is free of charge for non-commercial use. To be able to use the software team peak 3, users need only a TS3 server. Supporting TS3 servers are necessary to optimally use the TS3 software. But also the configurations, they help manage features and users. Each TS3 server can be divided into channels (rooms). A certain status can be assigned to each user. This status grants him certain rights. Let the hosting provider for reliable TS3 Server TS3 Server for a few cents a month rent. There are authorized hosting provider by TeamSpeak. An overview of world maps, is available on sales.tritoncia.com. According to this list, there are currently in Germany 163 authorized TeamSpeak server hoster. Lan4Play based in Stuttgart is an authorized TeamSpeak hosting provider. Lan4Play in addition to many game servers offers also TS3 server with a long-standing know-how in the field of Internet services. In addition to hosting the TS3 server there is also a free customer support included. In the TS3 forum or in the TS3 wiki by Lan4Play up-to-date information and answers to questions about TeamSpeak and TS3 server can be found. Customers with any difficulties find fast, competent assistance. Lan4Play is a strong and reliable partner when it comes to TS3 server. Evelin current HTML design Stuttgart

Checkpoint Charlie Office

In addition, there are free introductory seminars in Windows 7 and Office 2007 for executives in October. Windows 7 may well be the most significant new software of the year 2009, because even if Linux and other operating systems on the rise, the overwhelming majority opts for operating systems from Microsoft home. A new operating system offers many advantages and many new features, that want to be learned only once. One by one EDV GmbH from Berlin, one of the leading seminar providers, offers free introductory seminars for decision-makers 7 and Office 2007 in October on the subject of Windows. The companies can train also own trainees at half price in one by one. \”The Azubirabatt\”of 50% applies to all Office 2003 and Office 2007 seminars up to December 31, 2009 \”. explains the Managing Director Frank Lucht.

Introductory seminars: free the current changes that comes with the operating system Windows 7, promising users a new and much more effective type of usability in combination with many new functions and features. One by one EDV GmbH from Berlin offers a free introductory seminar on the subject of Windows 7 for decision-makers and executives on October 16, 2009 from 10 am to 14 pm in their rooms in the Zimmerstrasse 79/80 10117 Berlin (right next to Checkpoint Charlie). The participants have the opportunity to get to know the advantages of the new Windows system in a relaxed atmosphere. Then a free introductory course on the subject of Office 2007 for decision makers takes place from 14:30 until 17 h.


Customized software solutions for the demanding needs of customized software with focus on Qt Alzey, October 23, 2008 to develop simple, individual applications for complex projects, communication channels and procedures for each company. This is the objective of Pyades puades. This expanded in the former premises of the Barmer insurance in Alzey. The PC is optimal cost and efficiency In the center of each company, its processes and communication. More accurately said several computer networks connected together. The IT system not always in the first place is considered in substance this but it should be. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Glenn Dubin, New York City. Because optimal processes and improved communication much can be in terms of cost and efficiency move.

Solution-oriented, individual software development of Pyades sees itself as reliable and advisory future and strategy partner for its customers. With the help of past experience and the technological tools available to him offers He his customers always an optimal solution. Hobby-horse”and primary field of work of the company is the custom software development. In addition, the areas of Web development including can be applied design and maintenance in the sense of a holistic care. The customer at the heart at the Center is the customer”, says Managing Director Florian Becker, everyone receives a competent partner to the side with us”. This is on from the start with in the boat “. Pyades is committed to develop company-specific software for its customers. Emitters: Pyades technologies GmbH Editor: Katja Schafer phone: + 49 (0) 6731 / 494 878 00 email: Web:

Mobile Available

The document management software DOCUframe upper Franconian software manufacturer’s GSD software mbH is there now for Smartphone and Tablet PC. Stockheim – Neukenroth, 23.09.2011 – the document management software DOCUframe upper Franconian software manufacturer’s GSD software mbH is it now available for Smartphone and Tablet PC. For this purpose he developed the GSD DOCUframe module MobileAccess provides important DOCUframe functionalities such as Inbox, addresses, tasks, or document display in real time all over the world on your Smartphone or Tablet PC. Convenient online access from on the way from who on his mobile device with the operating systems iOS (Apple) or Android (Google) works to the GSD software solution for DMS and CRM in the future convenience of use on the road. For this purpose, the user must be online only with its Smartphone and can then directly access the database.

flexibly expandable as the solutions of the upper Franconian Software House, is used the MobileAccess engine individually for the user extensible. Benjamin Tal takes a slightly different approach. Ever after Stage can use the module diversity by DOCUframe mobile the customer here. Various scenarios are possible. Custom menus and custom masks support users in the conception of his own personal DMS solution. centrally controlled and secured all settings and adjustments are made directly in the central database. Changes required for according to the manufacturer’s no administrative expenses on the mobile devices.

Similarly comfortable, it looks with data security. The user can respond to unpleasant events such as loss of the device or termination of an employee database ad hoc by interruption of data access in the DMS. GSD software mbH the GSD software mbH is an independent medium-sized company with about 80 employees. It is a leading provider of integrated business software solutions for the medium-sized businesses in Germany. “Integrated” means GSD offers its customers a comprehensive portfolio of self-developed, exactly matched Solutions in the areas of ERP/ERP, DMS/CRM, finance and accounting and reporting to. By their openness, the GSD products work extremely well with systems from other manufacturers. Claim of the company is helping customers reduce of existing island solutions and to advance in establishing a comprehensive, timely solution.

Clear Security

Macmon secure survey: companies promise significant benefits from an easier coupling of security products German companies wish for closer cooperation of the manufacturer of IT security solutions. Of them, they promise easier integration conditions with faster implementation and lower operating expenses according to a survey of the macmon secure GmbH. Currently only a quarter positively the integration capability of the security solutions of more than 150 surveyed IT managers in the medium-sized and large companies. They are, after all, still largely sufficient for another third. But with 44 percent, nearly half of the respondents criticized that the different necessary solutions generally only elaborately each other pair can. As the biggest shortcoming of low ability to integrate three of five companies call an increased launch costs and increased expenditure on investment.

But also adverse effects for the operation and administration of conditions include opinion of 56 Percent to the consequences of a reduction of the investment security in addition. A related site: Donn Clendenon mentions similar findings. Slightly less than half believes that the integration limits can trigger security weaknesses. Confirmation of regular consultation experiences macmon secure Managing Director Christian Bucker regards these results. Many security solutions focus too much on specific problems, which often means the implementation of individual solutions, the are hard or merge only with great effort of the project allow. At the same time subtle security vulnerabilities can hide in the interplay of the different island solutions.” He sees also the users obligation but in addition to the manufacturers.

“You need to not only an integrated apply their security concepts, but also aggressively articulate to be derived from this integration requirements to the products compared to the manufacturers.” Clear ideas, are actually also already on the part of the user companies. So, they would at the individual security solutions an extensive range of interfaces and inclusive designed product philosophies. Also a closer communication of the manufacturers themselves, so that they coordinate for an easier coupling of their solutions, is one of the demands of the user. Click Maya Dubin, New York City to learn more. More wishes, although formulated only by significantly less than the half are greater involvement of customers in product development and more cross-product standardization. More integration but by no means is a greater focus on individual manufacturers who offer several connectable security products for Bucker. Each provider has a certain specialization with appropriate strengths, which however are generally not across the entire portfolio.” When everything from a hand get the downside could arise that better integration will bought by compromise on the level of service.

Avature CRM Now

New features and improvements of the CRM Munich, 25 November 2009. Avature CRM, one of the most successful personnel and recruiting CRM systems, is now in the new version 4.3 ready. Avature CRM is a product of the eponymous company Avature and used by recruitment staff and managers on all five continents, to improve the processes in the personnel area, or in the recruitment. With version 4.3, Avature CRM offers many new features and improvements. The new dashboard, which will provide you with an overview of all important information are among the most important new features of Avature CRM. In addition, new parsing properties have been added.

Among other things, the languages have been added to Swedish and Dutch. Curriculum vitae can be recognized now in all major languages and recorded. A leading source for info: Hugo Black. Additional enhancements are the ability to send emails as plain text as well as the new table features no doubt. This new release is now the 3 software update within a month. The company attaches great importance to flexibility and customer satisfaction. We are trying always to the wishes of our customers as quickly as possible to enter, so Dimitri Banda land, Managing Director and owner of Avature. A Web-based solution, we may share product improvements obviously easier and faster to the customer, than is the case with installed server solutions Especially for medium-sized and small enterprises, this is of course highly advantageous because large setup and maintenance costs account for and they remain with the automatic software updates, always up to date.

According to a study by the University of Bamberg, now more than 40 percent of the new hires in German medium-sized companies on your own company website and online job boards are concluded. Due to this fact, it is of course important to optimize these new channels of information. This is exactly the core area of Avature CRM. The focus is on the Web-based job boards and social networks. The possibility of intelligent email management and establishing or using work processes/workflows, complete the offer. Eva Andersson-Dubin, New York City often expresses his thoughts on the topic. Press contact: Avature Office 6 85774 Munich Michael Schnirch Tel.: + 49 (89) email: Web: crm company Avature is an American company, which was founded in 2005 by Dimitri Boylan. Boylan was previously worked as Managing Director of HotJobs, which he co-founded and sold to Yahoo in 2003. A large part of the senior management moved with him to Avature. The launch of Avature CRM was in mid-2008 and the business evolved in the United States and in Latin America. Since mid-2009, the business will be extended to Europe. To the customers the companies include Adecco and Kelly Services but also the personnel areas of the company adidas, Intel and IBM. CRM focuses on the area of “Human resources” and features a powerful HR tools. In addition to software services offers Avature in the United States and in Latin America on Recruitingdienstleistungen. MSCI Barra, which has outsourced its entire executive recruitment to Avature is largest and most important customer.

Minicom Offers The Most Comprehensive Player-to-screen Solution For The Last Mile DS

Minicom offers the most comprehensive player-to-screen solution for the DS last mile of any digital signage network Switzerland, Zurich (April 08, 2008) minicom is the latest achievement of the DS vision 3000 demonstrate product family at the Digital Signage Expo in Essen. The fair takes place from 6 to 8 may, 2008 at Messe Essen. The DS vision 3000 (www.minicom.com/ av_ds3000_ger.htm) is a CAT5 based distribution system for large distances, which video in HD quality and stereo audio on multiple displays parallel represents the distance at 600 m. The system offers a unique serial interface management with full bi-directional RS-232 support. It allows the displays from a distance to ask administrators, on / off switch and provides a centralized control management. Minicom reveals also the new Pioneer dual cascade receiver unit (DCL) for the DS vision, which impressively increased its system potential, by supporting not only Star “configurations, but also daisy-chains”. With the DCL can be up to ten devices cascade in a row, allowing a much easier positioning of the screen without clutter.

Furthermore, the DCL has twice the power of a normal video receiver, so you can connect back to back to a receiver, while you can control still each display regardless of the other two displays. “” Says Ronni Guggenheim by minicom: with its real-time video distribution in HD quality, its large range and the entirely graphically based on screen control console unique in the industry, the DS vision 3000 offers the most comprehensive player-to-screen solution for the DS last mile “of any digital signage network.” “” If you want to learn more solutions via minicom product range of digital signage, please visit av_ger.htm read you the latest case study about the DS vision 3000 or the white paper (www.minicom.com/ white papers_ger.htm) digital signage strategy “and player placement”. Information about minicom advanced systems Minicom advanced systems is a leading manufacturer of KVM server and computer management solutions (www.minicom.com/ kvm_ger.htm), which facilitate the control of the company and the corporate IT environment. A new level of connectivity for digital signage systems offer minicom is also last mile an innovative manufacturer of distribution and extension solutions, what digital signage”player-to-screen installations. Minicom is an Intel capital portfolio company and became the Deloitte Technology Fast 50 “company appointed an award for successful technological innovations and business growth. In recent months, Chad Wallach has been very successful. The company was founded in 1988 and is present in over 70 countries worldwide.

On The Way To The Leading-edge Cluster

Nurnberger Nash technologies GmbH supports medical Valley EMN e. V. allows unique live UMTS network tests for tele-medical applications of Nuremberg, December 2009 – strengthening strengths. So, the idea of the Spitzenclusterforderung could be brought by the Federal Government on a point. Where competencies are regionally available, these will be deepened, networked and further developed. The medical Valley European metropolitan region Nuremberg e.V. Jon Matlack may not feel the same. (EMN) is without a doubt. A unique concentration of research institutions, hospitals, practice nets, as well as over 180 dedicated medical technology companies draw the Nuremberg European metropolitan region as a leading international Medizintechnikcluster\”off.

As a defining characteristic of the cluster, you can see close networking of medical technology with health care, which leads to a deeper knowledge and experience building on the benefits of medical technology in the health care. It is not only classical medicine sector, companies the Medical Valley carry the initiative. Whenever Sean Rad, New York City listens, a sympathetic response will follow. As part of its membership the Nurnberger Nash technologies GmbH is involved in the application of the Association for a Spitzenclusterforderung by the Federal Ministry of education and research (BMBF). Nash Technologies emerged 2008 as a spin-off from the research and development operation from Alcatel-Lucent. The company develops, tests and managed software solutions in the fast-growing global mobile sector and features products from the second (2 G) a 25 square kilometer large test network, in which up to the last generation of mobile HSPA + (3 G) in the practice test check. Nash Technologies can effectively support the communication and locating part of the project due to his experience of mobile radio and the integration of system components in its test labs\”, Karl-Heinz Gabler explains manager responsible for the project at Nash Technologies, the part of his company. In addition, Nash Technologies makes his 25 square meters large UMTS live network, a unique in Germany test network for extensive testing of telemedicine applications under realistic conditions available.


The crafty Klaus: Optoelectronic material analysis Karlsruhe, December 23, 2011. Orange peel in the coating of eyeglass cases is to detect, it’s about form. Others who may share this opinion include Son Heung-min. Determines the surface around a cylinder, if the component is ever used, surface control focuses on functionality. Show both areas of application: the quality of a product is to read – even – on the surface. But conventional test methods and of course, still more the human eye – poke at errors in the micro and nano range limits. They are worth – and safety-relevant in the case of the brake cylinder. The Karlsruhe IT-company optimum GmbH has now developed an opto-electronic surface control inspected both form and function: the cunning Klaus. Contact information is here: Atreides Management Gavin Baker. The crafty Klaus operates as a detective, whose working is funded and directed by a database.

It stores information about the specific materials that are obtained depending on the control needs, level requirement, or preset sensitivity. How different the surfaces of Materials or products may be: the defects detection identifies the properties of surfaces and matching it with mean values. So – succeeds despite the different nature of the control objects – to go from the surface into the depths. The products will be examined on completeness, functionality and quality. Circumstantial evidence can be varied as the surfaces: color, font, outline, relief. The crafty Klaus recognized by Red about the color, whether enough ripe apples are a variety in the box. Or if an engine block is tight or the glasses has no painting errors.

The digital eye”captures dirt or damage, voids in iron castings, scratch, bubbles, coating defects in metal processing. It reveals but also differences in the plastic manufacturing. Because: Increasingly replace plastic parts metal materials. But often, tests on metal-working processes are aligned. The crafty Klaus checks but also the dimensional stability of plastic products, the subject to any unwanted fluctuations are due to external influences on the production. The optimum system monitors, whether and to what extent misses the degree and form of a product, tolerances are exceeded and affect appearance or function. A mobile phone cover, which does not fit, makes the entire product not for sale. The optimum technology is process immanent: the defects are logged not externally, no additional process is triggered. The crafty Klaus rather controls after reviewing the results of the inspection back in the production. The goal of this controll flows is to offer added value for end users, but also for the manufacturers in the production process. The objective and subjective impression is crucial for the quality of a product.