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Age Oriflame

Everyone knows that the key to be beautiful is a healthy, fresh and moisturised skin. But how to know what are the products that most suit you?At Oriflame we know that skin is changing with the passage of years and their needs also. For this reason we have prepared a wide range of products for facial care commensurate with the needs of your skin, from 15 years to more than 50. The key is in the ingredients. Oriflame is one of the first companies worldwide that was directly inspired by nature to develop their products. From plants that grow along the coast of Sweden to the wild forests and its lush meadows. Our ingredients combine the best of science with the wisdom of nature in perfect harmony, becoming the hallmark of all our cosmetics. We also know that some ingredients are more effective than others for according to skin type.

For example, the protein of soybean, pea and the Biopeptides seaweed extract fight the effects of aging. Thanks to such innovative ingredients we have developed facial care products suitable for every woman, whatever your age and your skin type. Also, to fight against the passage of time we have localized effects of hormonal aging. Its effects usually appear 4-5 years before menopause and aging of skin accelerates more clearly due to loss of estrogen.An effective treatment promotes the rehydration of the skin and prolongs his youth for a longer time. Although of course, ageing is a natural and inevitable process if our daily beauty routine contains the right ingredients, we can enhance the beauty of your skin and your youth. Whatever your age, have the best cosmetics for you original author and source of the article

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