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Alarming Ecological Conditions

THE alarming ecological conditions if hope turns off and the Babel begins, what torch will illuminate the roads on Earth? Federico Garcia Lorca… A new type of society if the predictions of eco-catastrofes for the immediate future are confirmed is time to assign a role to ecological problems. Everyone is talking about the time that ago, but nobody does anything to remedy it, reads an English saying. Similarly, everyone speaks about ecology and balance between man and his environment, but nothing has happened here, or at least nothing worthy of note, that allow suspect a radical shift in the present course of humanity toward a cataclysm. In view of this, many people sincerely concerned about the matter suggest each of us to do something; somewhat modest if you want, but cash when multiplied by millions. Automobile frenzy of major cities charging the atmosphere and nerves; the drivers of the vehicles passed the time trying to find a parking, and as generally do not give to him, circulate without pause, but in a hurry.

Do not lend hand whenever possible in public transport? In order to satisfy our appetites of consumption, we allow that industries that pollute our waters and that surround our cities with their suffocating environments multiply. Ask yourself why so many useless things are consumed and engender so many residues, is to issue a type of society that has supervalorado the consumption to the detriment of other activities. Unfortunately, none of that, by itself, can go very far. The solution of ecological problems is not achieved by purely individual measures. They run the danger of running as the Damas de la Caridad, very willing to eliminate poverty, but not its causes. Refrain from killing animals whose extinction cause ecological imbalances is a excellent thing, but not enough to conserve and preserve; We must alter the conditions that impede the conservation and preservation.

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