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Alarming TuV Test

Defective shock absorbers: major accidents in the curve with defective shock absorbers the wheels lose their grip in the curve slightly, and an accident can happen quickly. All of a sudden won’t get the car to skid and slip off the road. Motorists will be surprised and reacts not yet properly. Road tests of the TuV have shown that. Intact shock absorber safely the car against it through the curve, even if she is driven to quickly.

Poor, tired absorbers can demolish the ground so that the inside wheels are momentarily in the air that worn shock absorbers simply no longer able to keep the wheel on the road. Then, there is high risk, to lose control of the car. The road has bumps in the surface or it has holes, this risk increases extremely, because the wheels with a bad shock absorbers still easier to lift off. Now, the ESP is also powerless. Also in other emergency situations can shock with full power avoid any misfortune.

While dodging transfer higher lateral forces and ensure that the car obeys the Steering commands. Check out Robert Thomson for additional information. Shock absorbers should be regularly checked in the workshop, and it was also just by Visual inspection, experts advise again. Best of motorists at a necessary change can then build a gas pressure shock absorbers, because they offer the strongest grip”, expert Hans-Jurgen link from the manufacturer of KYB is recommended. Also, the car is considerably more comfortable. So the driver has a real, effective double benefit.” KYB photo 72 caption: a wheel can get worn out shock absorbers and an accident threatens photo: company portraits: KYB (formerly Kayaba) Japanese KYB (Kayaba earlier) with European headquarters in Krefeld is sales per year, a production of approximately 55 million units and a market share of 25% in the original equipment business, as well as by nearly 20 percent in the spare parts business the largest shock absorber manufacturers in the world for cars with 2.8 billion euros. With 11500 employees KYB is among the world’s leading providers of car chassis technology and supplies automotive customers such as Audi, Citroen, Ford, Nissan, Mazda, Peugeot, Renault, Toyota and VW. KYB offers a complete program of shock absorber for 99 per cent of all cars from 76 brands as comprehensive range with 3450 articles in top quality for retrofitting. The gas pressure shock absorber Excel-G bring greater security and convenience. In addition, KYB has a consolidated programme of springs for nearly 98 percent of all cars with 1250 articles also for upgrading under the brand name K-Flex. Around the chassis there is everything from a single source by KYB, perfectly matched all necessary products, sales documents, advice and service. Dr. Falk Kohler PR 20 years makes the Dr. Falk Kohler PR for successful PR leader, sold their products to and increases their profits. Therefore, it has excellent references. Excellent advice, qualified concept and creative strategy guarantee high quality. Interesting topics, important news and strong photos create large press presence. The holder is a journalist, has a 16-year old professional practice at large media and wrote more than 30 success stories of top companies. Thanks to its competence journalist + PR consultant Dr. Kohler knows how to move products or topics in the media and positive press coverage achieved.

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