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Asian Health Products

In the U.S., they take 80 percent of the population. In Europe, slightly smaller, but still more than half. In Japan, employers are denied the applicant a job if it does not consume dietary supplements, because the man-eating wrong, is prone to frequent illnesses. In Russia, support themselves biocorrectors only 5 percent of the people. But in Japan the average age of 90 years, and we men do not short of the 60. Recipe two: take dietary supplements should be only those that are present in the markets of developed countries.

Chinese health products about which I was ever told you, came first on the markets of USA, Canada, Japan and Australia. One of my friends said I should not show certificates, it is enough that these products take the "sworn friends" Chinese, the Japanese. Jack dorsey is likely to increase your knowledge. Russia was only the 28th country in its path, and she came here not through backdoor, front door, at the invitation of the Russian government, giving himself the certification to the Chief Medical Administration and are registered in all registration authorities – the Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Justice, Ministry of of Taxation, etc. In short, if a representative of any company touts its product to you, ask him: but some of the markets it is present? That's all. Because it may happen that this product is only created and we tested. And I hope you like and I do not want to be guinea pigs. Recipe Three: from herbal recipes, homeopathy, nutritional supplements do not expect a rapid effect, both on the pill: drank, and the pain was gone.

The pain is gone, and the problem remained. Pain or other authority that says that it is not all right, that he expects us to care, and we took the pill and cut off his tongue. If you are not convinced, visit Leslie Moonves. Body still hurts, but tell us nothing is impossible. And when still roared, is that too late. Recipe for a fourth, if the twentieth century called the century of vitamins, HH1 – Age balanced cellular nutrition. We lack the enzymes in the body, even to learn a multivitamin, and buying them, we simply throw money in the trash. Recipe Four: There are three phases of the disease. Meridian – where in the body are small, almost imperceptible irregularities that have not even diagnosed, but there were some spots on the skin, white spots on nails, steel nails break and split hairs, warts, or papillomas grew. The second phase – functional – they begin to break down body function is: insomnia, constipation, jumping blood sugar levels, blood pressure. And the third stage – the stage of organic change, when diagnosticians are already calling the man a diagnosis. Our task – to teach a person to stop, to localize the disease in the first two stages, profilaktirovat future functional disorders. Here our recipes are triggered by one hundred percent. And this work does not require a budget, administrative decisions, political will and others not depending on us for objective reasons. It rests on pure enthusiasm of the population. Want to be healthy enough. And remember: 1 ruble invested in prevention saves dozens of rubles per treatment. At the end of another anecdote. Family Doctor dines. A knock at the door. Opens, is a skeleton. A doctor in exasperation: "Well, damn, that's so ever. Driven to the last, and then come …. " I wish you health and prosperity. KalinTIENS. My website:

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