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BDVI Calendar

The survey of humanity among the oldest Sciences with over two thousand-year-old development. Who are these people who have written important chapters present on the way to measure? “The BDVI calendar 2010 shows selected personalities of the history of surveying in 12 imaginative and colourful calendar sheets titled surveying history people”. Significant people – pioneer of modern surveying tools, inventions and its results were joined together into collages, in which new details can be discovered. The sheet is stretched from antiquity until the modern era: by Eratosthenes of Cyrene, which for the first time succeeded in calculating the circumference about Gerhard de Kremer Mercator, the forerunner of the UTM system by going to Alfred Wegener, who developed the theory of continental drift. Calendar motives were public for the first time within the framework of the BDVI Congress 2009 in Oberhausen on the market of opportunities”presented.

From now until the end September 2010 can be ordered is the calendar. As already in the previous year, this year the possibility to specify one of three request dates for delivery of the calendar when ordering (delivery date at the beginning, middle or end of November). In addition to the calendar in the proven portrait Christmas cards, desk pads, 3-month- and practical desk calendars are offered. The motives of the calendar and other selected collages are also available as a limited edition photo poster.

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