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Bioresonance diagnosis – this is one of the methods of medical computer diagnostiki.Polnoe medical examination rights. (Diagnosis of the whole body in one visit), he performed in a specialized unit Metatron 21 (Oberon). The unit is conducting a survey of the whole organism at the cellular level in adults, children and pregnant women. Brief description of the method: Bioresonance (or vegetorezonansnaya) diagnosis, an advanced method 'Foll' if you've heard of it before. The bottom line is that every virus, bacterium, parasite, every organ and system has its own specific frequency. Determining the actual frequency of the body can identify a body is not healthy or a parasite settled in their favorite organism. Visit Robert Iger for more clarity on the issue. The site of our Center Bioresonance diagnosis of the organism is an indisputable fact that prevention is easier and cheaper than a pound of cure later. Modern medicine, especially in hostile environment metropolis, is based on two key concepts – diagnosis and prevention! Factor saving time – it is one of the most important requirements of modern society to achieve progress in medicine.

'C Alas, this certainly is our reality. Whereas previously there was no other choice but to spend a few days in the clinic, with obscure symptoms for you, not knowing which doctor go, surrendering necessary and unnecessary tests on the floor year and looking forward to receiving all the experts, but now you can replace it all, make an appointment at our center for computer testing in our center you will pass the full high-quality medical diagnosis for a short time – up to 2 hours. Admission is strictly by appointment, which frees you from waiting in queues. Reception is the highest category of doctors, only with a lot of practice and experience. We provide advanced medical professionals to our Centre of Diagnostics in St. Petersburg.

After the examination, you get your hands on detailed information on the state of the organism with a list of possible diagnoses and noticed violations. Our expert advice – diagnostician can help you correct minor violations and to direct their steps towards recovery. In any case, all our actions are aimed at a maximum diagnosis of your body. Superb medical staff – the pride of the Medical Center. Doctors are not only highly qualified and experienced in diagnosing diseases, but above all, sensitive attention to all

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