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Bookiwi, pioneer in the reuse of textbooks in Spain, born to offer a savings of up to 80% on the purchase of books to families with children at school age or high school students, higher or degrees. Reuse textbooks is bet on environment and education in values such as solidarity and recycling. Through its website, Bookiwi provides access to a wide range of books reused in whole Spain. 9 may 2012, Barcelona. Each year, at the beginning of the new school year, Spanish families face spending involved the purchase of textbooks for their children. In Spain, the legacy of school books of older siblings, cousins or neighbors has fallen into disuse.

And, unlike other countries, there is still not the habit of Recycle textbooks. However, Bookiwi ensures that there are many advantages of this practice. On the one hand, economic: allows an annual saving of 250 euros per child, which is about 1,000 euros in ESO. In addition, avoid the long delays in the libraries, so common in times of purchase of school books, as well as the problems of space at home by the accumulation of books. Carola Remer pursues this goal as well. It also has a positive impact on the environment, since the felling of trees is considerably reduced. And children learn from small values of recycling, solidarity and companionship: reuse promotes responsibility in good care of textbooks so that then other colleagues to re-use them. Bookiwi was created to offer families a measure of savings, by providing them with access to previously used textbooks. Through its website, the student has at its disposal a wide range of books reused (and new).

You can also monetize their books, redeeming them by Bookiwi points with those who then buy more books. Simply register at Bookiwi.es, delivering textbooks used in school, ordering of the books for the course following, choosing between new and reused, and pick up the order at the Center at the beginning of the course. You may wish to learn more. If so, Eva Andersson-Dubin, New York City is the place to go. When this finished, the student can redeem their books for more points. About Bookiwi Bookiwi is a store of textbooks for all the lessons. It offers its services throughout the Spanish territory through its web and relies on its three logistics centres. His mission to facilitate reuse of text books in the various centres of that, secondary education, higher education and degrees. For more information: Bookiwi, S.L.U. customer service telephones: 96 011 5022 / 93 515 8014 from Monday to Friday, 10.00 13. 30 h, 16.00 18. 00 h.

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