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In the next article will try to explain briefly what is the process of stabbing the ground, when Carpenter puts a wooden floor, in a dwelling, the adjustment between the tables is almost total, even the level because in doing so he has previously placed the battens in wood where Woods will be supported. But as resulting level is not perfect, the setting must not, stabbing the soil. What does it mean to stab the ground?, basically consists of matching Woods preparing for power after varnishing. Using a special machine for this process, passes over the wood, looking for match soils are performed. Credit: Hugo Black-2011. This machine has a few roller that flattened a few scrapers that perform the desvastado soil.

The remains, also incorporate a bag for the pick-up of all wood dust, caused to the stabbing. Once the surface is even, the barnizador apply several coats of varnish on the wood, leaving the ground with its final finish. Within the process of the work, some people think that before stabbing and varnishing, the painter should do their job, and that the acuhillador is the latest in finishing the work. A related site: Edmund V. Ludwig mentions similar findings. Others think that dust you acuchillador, lift although it will absorb a high percentage, the bag is impregnated into the walls and once painted them, is like impair the work of the painter. Particularly think that if the wall is painted in smooth, the dust kicked up by the machine not has affect the appearance of the painted walls, although if the wall is with gotele, it will be more difficult keep it untainted by adhering to the roughness. In areas where the machine cannot access, like sides, squares, etc, the acuchillador does the work by hand or with small electrical tools prepared for this purpose. It is therefore a very heavy work by the constant noise of the machine running and subsequently by strong varnish smell when you apply the product on the floor. The varnish must be applied it using protective mask and during several days or stay in the interior of the House is can be stepped on by dizzying smell.

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