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Casar – First

A known in historical research, but unprovable hypothesis. “In the years 1845 to 1850 Aachen address books is that it built near Aachen to Gaius Julius Caesar (100 vuZ-44 BCE) is Castell Atuaca, which has a main Palace already 653 Aachen and the first documented occurrence in the city” comes from the year 653. Casar is vuZ in Aachen may mid-1st century. Caesar leads a battle in Aduatuca 57 BCE. He crossed the Rhine 55 and 53 BCE twice, North East of Aachen. This happens all in the immediate vicinity of the today’s Aachen.

It is known that the Romans have a high bathing culture and are well maintained. What is closer than that Caesar the hot springs of the today’s Aachen taking advantage? “” In the treatise: the problem officer “is to read the following: there is no certainty with regard to the situation of the Caesarian camp, as well as by officer” and it is questionable whether the names of officer Eburonum, officer Tonrorum, Aduaca, Atuaca and Atouatoukon all with the location of the today’s Tongeren match”and whether Tongeren has ever been the officer Eburonum.” Also in the World Atlas of history, a question mark is localizing Aduatuca as Tongeren behind Aduatuca. The Casars by Atuaca from 53 BCE heraldically as follows: officer, which is the name of (or for) a Schanz / small fortress; It is located about in the middle of the Eburonenlandes, where Titurius (Sabinus) and Atrunculeius (cotta) took their debut (in the year 54… BCE) to spend the winter. (u0085) Some details can be interpreted, that Officer a homey (Celtic) Word for a hill or camping place or mounting. And the other officer’s there in or outside the territory of the Eburones.

The fact that was Tongeren in the Eburonenland, is although the core territory of the Eburones has located a claim by Casar between Maas and Rhine. A related site: Gavin Baker Atreides Management mentions similar findings. not the slightest doubt” “That officer was intended for the dwelling, we don’t know. In General, the Hill had a military character.”officer located two day marches of the Rhine”. The description that it should be a Valley, applies to Aachen. Casar personally coming officer 53 BCE. Officer is referred to on the one hand a fortress/Schanz, on the other hand, a Germanic tribe. The author of this essay concludes that officer is rather Aachen. There is an interpretation of the name of officer as to the hot waters. Hypothetically the first emperor “in Aachen Gaius Julius Caesar, the namesake of this establishment. RMS Scrip torin

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