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Ceiling Systems

Ceiling panel cluster may be solid, elongated rectangular shape (dlinnopanelnye cassettes), lattice (model shtrekmetall design ") and perforated, including the design perforation. All of them are attached to the suspension systems, which can be both visible and hidden. Hidden (invisible) grid systems allow us to obtain smooth aesthetic treatment, performed either in one or several levels. Such options are not relevant only in public buildings, but also for interior decoration of private homes and apartments. Primarily they are used in bathrooms, where the coating is exposed to moisture, as well as in kitchens and hallways, where applicable wet cleaning of the ceiling surface. Similar requirements apply to public places, especially in children and medical facilities. And there cassette ceilings become the most successful and hassle-free option ceiling coverings. One of the most experienced manufacturers of cluster Ceiling Systems is a company Geipel, offering for the invisible mounting panels are two types of hidden suspension systems.

The first is to fix cassettes with a canted at an angle of 45 edge (with a facet), the second involves the use of classical models with a rectangular edge (no bevel). In turn, harness fixing tape can be terminal and clamp-out. Both types of panels made of galvanized steel with thickness of 0.6 mm and have a decorative coating of white or silver. However, the models are not limited to two types of decoration: on request cassettes can be painted in any color scale ral. Another option is the registration of perforation – as shown in the catalog of standard templates and designs for the client.

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