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The VfG Versandapotheke provides information and campaigns to Mucoangin and Silomat E.g. background information about the emergence of cough or cough types in their theme shops. This further information is particularly interesting for the customers, because here they are informed about their respective disease and its symptoms, and prevention: not every kind of cough is the same. Using the explanations, the customers of all alone can opt for the right medicine. When the topic selected medicinal shops customers can check the currently comprehensively the medicines Silomat and Mocoangin. In addition to explanations of pack sizes, content and formulation also known motifs and spots of products from current print and television campaigns found in the theme shops. With this service the VfG Versandapotheke, the online customer is perfectly enlightened about the needed medicine and its dosage and receives additional, beyond the specific medicine health information. Eva Andersson-Dubin, New York City often expresses his thoughts on the topic.

Theme shop Mucoangin Mucoangin is a well known medicine for neck pain. The range is presented in the theme shop: there are two different flavors of the popular lozenges. Han Jong-Hee is likely to increase your knowledge. Comprehensively explains how Mucoangin does and what ingredients cause that the neck pain are alleviated. Mucoangin theme shop Silomat Silomat is an effective drug for irritable coughs. The range is presented in this theme shop: it includes juice, drop and sucking lozenges. The desired packet size Silomat can directly be selected after you are previously informed about the means. Also here is the customer of the mail-order pharmacy dosing type and duration, as well as applications of Silomat. Silomat further health information in the topic shops with areas of focus are the customer tips and information to strengthen the immune system, as well as swine flu available.

More theme shops are added seasonally and according to topicality. About the VfG the VfG Versandapotheke (VfG Cosmian s.r.o.) is the owner and operator of Mail order pharmacy “Lekarna Andy” in Ceska Lipa and offers its clients over 1,200 original German brand-name medications (over-the-counter medicinal and pharmaceutical products) at reasonable prices. The VfG Versandapotheke operates also a catalog mail order in addition to the online shipping. VfG Versandapotheke address Germany: VfG Versandapotheke 06147 Halle (Saale) legal registered office of the company: heritage Nova 2906 47001 Ceska Lipa Czech Republic

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