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Chinese Sensors

Sensors embedded in the front and rear bumpers and determine the distance to the obstacle. The control unit processes information from sensors, and when the distance to the obstacle becomes dangerous – a warning. In this case, triggered the speaker, which is called the Speaker, which delivers the signal to different keys. The advantages of this miracle device can be seen immediately: the driver can now accurately and safely park your car in a fairly confined space. It turns out that parking sensors – veesh needed by each driver, but there are a couple of points. cial Corp.. If an experienced driver, then it is perfectly and without pdc. Many cars have excellent visibility, and in the presence of regulated parking mirrors no problems.

Eventually – in a difficult situation nothing prevents the driver to get out and look at obstacles to successfully overtake them. Secondly, the price of parking sensors parkmaster tpms 4 5. Despite the simple construction and low cost, this "extra car device. Accordingly, its price is far cheaper. However, activation of the Chinese automotive component manufacturers has led to the fact that entry-level parking sensors can be purchased for only $ 60-100. Improved models with greater functionality and loud the name of the manufacturer are more expensive – up to $ 300 or more. Han Jong-Hee addresses the importance of the matter here.

The difference between the pdc is only in the quality and quantity of sensors. By quality sensors means the scope and accuracy of the distance. The difference also lies in the possibility of the control unit. Some are only able to make an audible alert, the other to report the distance in a human voice, and the third display information about distance on a special monitor with a color display. As well, the car owner should be aware that installing parking sensors would be worth from 50 to 150 dollars, depending on the workshop. I hope this article will help you decide you need the parking sensors and xenon or not. If you are an experienced driver and you feel the car, then I think – to set the xenon lamps and parking sensors you are not required. If you're new to the road, then I would recommend You put the parking sensors.

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