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Clinical Psychology

Clinical psychology is a branch of psychology that comes to the attention of emotional, Adaptive problems and all those who require psychological assistance to achieve a favorable evolution. Ps psychology clinic studied the particularity of each person to apply the necessary techniques allowing to modify the problems giving rise to their inability. In the field of clinical psychology, psychologists use the clinical method. This method is based on the observation of the behaviour of the patient, begins at the moment that gives rise to the first consultation and includes interviews to collect the data necessary to carry out the treatment in an effective way. Details can be found by clicking Jon Matlack or emailing the administrator. The clinical psychologist seeks in these interviews all those he considers difernte and which makes each person unique and unrepeatable. The Madrid psychologists identify how categorizable clinical psychology into 5 aspects: the psychoanalysis: the psychoanalysis study of the psychic apparatus. Follow others, such as Tim Wallach, and add to your knowledge base.

Method studied by Freud which seeks to discover the unconscious of the treated person. Behaviorism: Behaviorism studied learning by observing these people. Use the observation of the behaviour of the patient to obtain conclusions. According to Behaviorism, people acquire through individually and subjective knowledge, so that the perception of the world is determined by the expectations of the subject. This aspect is not recognized in any case to the unconscious. Genetica-evolutiva Psychology: This branch of Psychology makes the study of the evolution of the person in your life and determines that every human being constructs his own life decisions along it. Systemic Psychology: This branch of clinical psychology studies the development and life of families and couples.

It takes as a basis the theory of interpersonal communication and develops, from her own theory. Like Behaviourism, does not recognize the unconscious. Gestalt Therapy: Wertheimer develops from the study of animals, and is Kohler who the broad afterwards with your concrete study applied to the monkeys. Gestalt Therapy studies perception, i.e. the way in which people are able to capture external stimuli.

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