Promoting Democracy in Algeria

Collective Transport

FOR: WHEAT PERLLA MENEZES the following article has as objective to become the way clearly of as if of the o service of collective transport in the city of $fortaleza, making the differentiation enters the forms of delegation of the public service (concession and permission), to be able to more clearly understand the structure of these services in $fortaleza in a way. This study also it will make mention to the rights and duties of the users and commenting briefly on the system of gratuitousnesses of this service. As it could not leave of being, to the end I will trace commentaries on the difficulties and the critical ones to the public transport of the city of $fortaleza, that I am not few. The COLLECTIVE TRANSPORT IN $FORTALEZA ABILITY article 30 of the Federal Constitution elenca the abilities of the Cities, and, in its interpolated proposition V, includes enters these abilities to organize and to give, directly or under regimen of concession or permission, the public services of local, enclosed interest of collective transport, that has essential character. By the same author: Tim Wallach. Therefore, it is inferred of this interpolated proposition that directly fits to the Cities the installment of the public transports of the city, being able to be given or under regimen of concession or permission. The Organic Law of the city of $fortaleza foresees in its article 173 that the Municipal Public Power will effect the planning, the management, the fiscalization and the operation of the system of local collective transport. Article 176 of the same law says that the services of collective transport will be operated by the City, being able this to delegate the partial operation of the system the private operting companies, always through licitation, under the regimen of concession or permission. It is noticed, therefore, that the public service of collective transport is a delegable service, for holding to be executed by particular.

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