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Comprehensive German Language Training Program

Extensive courses also again 2014 eoda R Academy celebrates 3 years and enjoys growing popularity new courses for users from industry and academia such as big data and Hadoop with R Kassel, 26.09.2013. That the free statistical language R also in German-speaking countries increasingly gaining popularity, has several reasons. In addition to commercial solutions such as SPSS, Stata, or SAS R comes increasingly to the analysis of small and large amounts of data for use in scientific institutes as well as in government agencies and companies. “We get more requests from institutions and companies in all industries who want to insert R for ad-hoc analysis or develop their business applications with R and analytical modules. The holistic nature of the R Academy training program enables to exploit the huge potential of R and employ profitably in the own environment. users”explains Heiko Miertzsch, CEO of eoda, the philosophy of the Academy of R. That the volume of data collected in all imaginable fields of application rises, now generally known. The rising tide of information offers the chance to generate new knowledge from the data.

Sometimes it is difficult with existing tools to have the relevant information to make decisions in a timely manner or by means of data mining to identify patterns and to create predictive analytics forecasts. In this environment, the free programming and statistical language R is one of the best options currently. Because in addition to the performance, quality, and the open source, also the possibilities of application integration for R speak character of the software. Also the leading database vendors have recognized this increasingly integrate R into the analysis layer. In addition, R offers many possibilities in the area of multivariate analysis methods. Cluster-, regression and factor analysis can be performed as well with R such as text mining and image analysis. R is ideally suited to creating interactive graphics.

Eoda prospects with the R Academy offers a broad and holistic Training program around the topics R and data analysis on. This offers the R Academy, one of the largest power spectrum with regard to opportunities for further education in the R environment in German-speaking countries. The offer ranges from beginners to programming classes, tailored to users, who already have experience in R, so that any prospective buyer find the right course. The R Academy eoda exists now for three years and could knowledge thus already numerous participants who use R in various application areas, and provide the maximum benefit in the use of R. The R Academy content constantly adapts to the requirements of the business environment, the latest statistical techniques and the growing applications of R. In addition to the application of classical statistical procedures, specific applications, such as the systematic quality controls or the automated reporting are two typical concrete applications of R. Also analysis of large databases (big data) as a further topic many users are on the agenda. Therefore R Academy will include five new courses 2014 the following: programming with R II reproducible research big data with Hadoop R with R applied statistics in quality management with R “after spreading seemingly slower R in Germany than in America or Asia, we feel rates further but a growing interest. We offer also advanced R users to an attractive offer. “, says Mahiskar. Of course the courses carried out already in the previous year as well as the introductory course offered regularly in 2014.

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