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If a person is persistent, albeit hard of understanding, it will be intelligent; and albeit weak become strong Leonardo Da Vinci considering that there are many skills that are necessary to succeed, can affirm without a doubt that all of these skills are not as relevant compared with PERSEVERANCE. Perseverance is an attitude and personal skill that will help you to overcome any lack of other skills required to achieve success. Perseverance help, anyone, to succeed despite any circumstance or obstacle that is in your path. For more specific information, check out Ken Singleton. It is really wonderful to have the attitude and the ability to be able to go ahead when all around a person is collapsing. We live in a world of instantaneous and many times we want to achieve our purposes without understanding that we always have to pay a price to get what we want. More info: Glenn Dubin, New York City. In reality we evade the fact that we have to pay the price of discipline and perseverance to achieve success. Some time ago I read in a book of Zig Ziglar: first you have to pay the price and then receive the reward. Perseverance plays a crucial role for the success of any person.

To develop this attitude and ability, it is very important to first learn to be persevering in the small things that are made daily. The first step to become a teacher of perseverance is the ability to make clear decisions and comply with what one is proposed. It begins with be persevering in your eating habits, in your work, in the care of your body. You can even select a task to do each day and decide not to stop until you achieve it during the day. Determine that you never start something that is, for then leave it incomplete. How many times we select too many tasks to do, opening up many battle fronts and then do not manage to carry them or do them inadequately.

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