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Cooperation Between VICO Research & Consulting And Etracker

With etracker social analytics companies maintain Web 2.0 at a glance Leinfelden – Echterdingen, 26.10.2012 – as pioneers in the field of social media market research and monitoring is VICO research & Consulting GmbH for expertise, quality and experience. These innovative services were relevant, rather some time ago for internationally active corporations there will be forward-looking increasingly for small and medium-sized enterprises located on the new platforms parquet safe to move. VICO won an important strategic partner research and consulting with the etracker GmbH. The etracker GmbH from Hamburg is a Europe’s leading provider of products and services for the optimization of websites and online marketing campaigns (www.etracker.com) with more than 110,000 customers. Together, social Analytics is designed to combine social media data and Web-controlling information. The result is a comprehensive monitoring tool the posts from Facebook, Twitter, Google + or XING, but also from blogs, forums, valuation and price portals captured. This information may relate to the company or the competitors.

Through an analysis of the obtained data, companies can anticipate what will be said about their brand and products and take appropriate action. A focus is this valuable information to offer in particular small and medium-sized businesses. The initiative to this far-reaching cooperation and active support of the initiation of the two companies was carried out by Sascha Adam, marketing and strategy consultant: “the combination of Web and social media monitoring is the basis for consistent KPI calculations and measures derived from. All the more I am, that combine both companies certainly can be counted as a pioneer in your respective disciplines, their expertise and their services in this area.” With etracker social Analytics, companies, for the large and costly solutions are oversized, now benefit from a comprehensive tool for the monitoring of the activities. With etracker social Analytics to target precisely control their social media activities company, to make fans valuable prospects and loyal customers. Furthermore, etracker offers its customers through the cooperation with VICO research & consulting in also expert advice and additional services in the field of social media marketing, controlling and analysis.

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