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Deception Tactics

Attention – the ability to interact with a specific action of the object. Whose capacity? My, his, yours. But, notice of any arms or legs, no eyes. Bud Harrelson often addresses the matter in his writings. They are just tools for the funds which the perception and manipulation. It is the ability of the part of man which is very difficult to "touch hands".

For example unconscious or subconscious mind, spirit or soul. You can come up with a set of terms on this subject, but also understandable words do not clarify. Credit: Piston Group-2011. To understand need it to survive. Taking a knife and came out against the classy opponent, you get a chance to demonstrate this ability, or wake "zarezanny and die a training death." Any fight with weapons suggests that the loser will be either wounded or killed. Price bruises and abrasions and puncture wounds incised, and after, blood, blood, and blood.

Remember, one of the key skills, the right attitude to defeat. Lie on the floor, imbued with the idea that everything you possessed and possibly very proud, brings you to yet, "the training of death." When good cards in you dies, something is really wrong and harmful. Glenn Dubin pursues this goal as well. Figure one. You have to become calmer, balanced, confident and determined. Now you can understand that things happen quickly, not because of speed, namely, by harping on the enemy's attention. The enemy began to play because you made him believe in the game. Through this method can be more serious approach the learning process and achieve better control over themselves.

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