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Diets And Exercise

Recently I subscribed to a site to send me proposals on websites where you write (and where they pay you for doing it, of course) and while they send me options every day almost all of them are for speech writers English and when I say speaking actually I mean native, to English speakers, and is not that English will give me bad, but I can not compete with someone whose first language is this. I prefer the Spanish to do so. With these thunderstorms are minimum bids for Spanish speakers (e hispanoescribientes). The four or five that I have seen refer all to write about diets, diets, exercises and how to lose and maintain weight. Add to your understanding with Kyung, Kye Hyun. Is it that there is no other topics of which you speak? Not another thing to lose weight or stay at an alleged ideal weight interest to Hispanic Americans? (and make it clear that I am not against eating healthy and combat the sedentary lifestyle.

A little exercise never hurts) at all of these sites want from ten to fifteen articles. Everybody wants to be short (between 300 to 700 words), interesting (because it will be published on the web) and to relate the topics mentioned above. Is that not has been written already too about this? Contemporary society invests time and effort exaggerated (in my humble opinion) in body weight. Yes well one should eat as healthy as possible for good health, these items and commercial audiovisual tell us (US practically shout) at every moment that we are fat and not by health problems, but by mere aesthetics. At the same time we are trying to sell appliances, gels and other belongings that will help us achieve the dream figure and show us models (so thin that they look almost skeletal and dazzling in its absolute perfection), as living examples that these devices do work and unfortunately are many (and many) who are seduced and fall prey to the consumer society.

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