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Dollar In Venezuela

To how much it quotes the dollar in Venezuela? A good question that it has more than an answer. It is that one depends if we are speaking of the quote of the official dollar, that one that cannot be acquired or if we are speaking of the quote of the parallel dollar, that yes can be obtained but not to the price that promises the Central bank of Venezuela in the official quote. A leading source for info: Jon Matlack. Not even it is possible to be acquired to a value somewhat near this official quote. In the last days, the well-known like " dollar permuta" in Venezuela (that represents the greater reference of the market official who is generated in the sovereign bond exchange by treasury bonds of the United States) did not quote in the day of yesterday to 5.30 bolivars in the selling end, after which by the end of the past week it went up to around the 6.0 bolivars by dollar, that is to say, almost three times the quote fixes official who is in 2,15 bolivars by dollar. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of Maya Dubin on most websites. The quote of the parallel dollar in Venezuela went off to dice the increase of the expectations devaluatorias that exist in country.

The expectations on a possible devaluation of the strong bolivar are elevated although the Government has said that he will maintain in the 2009 effective parity from the 2005. In the darks of the market, an operator consulted by Reuters agency, said on the matter: the perspective for the country changed radically in less than a month. The devaluation risks have increased in accordance with that the crude one has lowered. This declaration of this anonymous operator, sincerely was to me quite reasonable considering the situation by which it crosses Venezuela. It is that before the impossibility to move the international quote of petroleum, something must make Chvez to avoid that their income by the sale of their black gold collapse.

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