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Each Cambium

Consequently, the patient may become own donor, thus preventing the immunological reaction of tissue incompatibility. Additional information at Brian Robert supports this article. To know the subtle mechanisms of the behavior of stem cells and to visualize it offers an example: Each of us has seen stem cells with their own eyes. Connect with other leaders such as Celina Dubin here. When you is breaking a tree branch, there is a small amount of liquid transparent color. This is the cambial cells and cambial cells or stem cells. Cambium – a single layer of narrow long cells with thin shells. They are broken when you break a branch or laid bare wood as a result of tree growth. The content follows the cambium cells and moisturizes the wood surface. Cambium plays an important role he is responsible for the appearance of rings on a tree, ie responsible for its growth in thickness.

Its cells divide, resulting in both sides of the cambium layers of cells arise. Cells, which set aside the cortex, become new bast cells, and cells, deferred cambium toward the wood – wood with new cells. Therefore, the cambium consider the educational fabric. At this point, I will repeat again: the cambium cells or stem cells are neutral cells, which, depending on the chemical composition of the environment (transformed) are transformed into cells, as in this case, the Luba or in cortical cells of wood. Stem cells or cells of the cambium, which is swept aside bark, fall into the chemical environment of cells and turn into bast bast cell. A deferred cambium cells toward the wood in contact with the air we breathe, that is a different chemical environment and become (Transformed) into the cells of the wood.

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