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But the mortgage crisis has become a strong argument for the continuing boom in all, being able to subdue him in a relatively short period of time. At this stage, developers can not count on profits, now their income in average of 10 to 20%. At the same time, the buyer gets a much broader selection of already finished housing, acquisition of which minimizes the risks associated with buying, the price is still acceptable. Competitive Battle developers – the trump card in the hands of the buyer, and now indeed it may be noted that along with the increasing cost of real estate in Bulgaria is growing and the quality of the proposed housing. Hear other arguments on the topic with Robert Thomson. Increasingly, companies are willing to offer the client is not only a studio or spacious luxury apartments in the building, executed in a reasonably good project and rebuilt with high quality materials, with a good location of the object, but also happy provide additional services. Those are often the complete “equipment” infrastructure of the complex, including bars, restaurants, shops, spas, in addition, an optional service in the very room, furnishings, plus – more often there are interesting projects in its architectural design, and therefore more comfortable, original in terms of solutions of the internal space planning. A certain part of the active real estate market participants naturally make themselves Bulgarians.

But, typically, a family with average income of 1500 leva can afford something in the range 55 000-60 000. A curious trend is the acquisition of Bulgarian houses in rural areas, it is certainly a good option for solving the cozy arrangement of jacks family. Among the indigenous and popular resort property, but often it’s economical offers. Sofia, as capital, yet continue to set a record, based on the ratio of prices here and the pricing of the spa zone, we can conclude that having a presence in the same amount, you can purchase average statistical public housing or real estate-luxury class of extra-luxury on the coast. Bulgarian real estate market promising in terms of investment. Do not, of course, forget about caution and care, preference is give large developers, the company is well-established and proved its “long experience” of the work.

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