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Engineering Design

Plastic cards are created to serve to build demand for the goods or services the organization can provide the necessary information, support and build sales, inspire confidence, create individual and company image. Therefore relate to the design of the plastic card should be very serious, entrusting works of design professionals who have the necessary knowledge in this area. During the existence of plastic cards accumulated experience in the development of individually designed cards by the customer, we formulate the basic criteria that must be evaluated result. The concept of 'design' refers to the various types of Engineering Design activities aimed at creating the aesthetic and functional qualities of a specific subject. With respect to the plastic cards can distinguish several basic requirements for design: 1. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Jack Quaid. Aesthetic – create a person and image of the issuer (bank, trading company, etc.), recognition of the organization to design cards, application details of the issuer's unique design ideas. 2. Functionality – the main technical characteristics of the card, view maps (magnetic, chip, smart card, etc.), recognition of an operator using a map, use and defend against counterfeiting. Taking into account all the requirements in the design of personalized cards, you get the desired result that will satisfy customer. Emotional perception cards From the standpoint of emotional perception maps, the emphasis is on style, composition and color, that first impression. The track is size, shape and location of design elements. These elements can be: The trademark or logo of the issuer; trademark (logo) to a payment or discount system; logos of partner companies, contact device chips (for smart cards); hologram, additional customer information (may be embrossirovana or printed), features a color background.

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