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Enterprise Data Security

Modern enterprise and data protection in times of the Internet no modern company do without nowadays on computers and the Internet. The pressure of the consumer on the transparency of a company on the one hand and increased the effectiveness of the operations through the internal network of the company on the other hand, multiply the attack surface, the uncontrolled information drawn from the company or damage in the company brought in. The point of an internal or external data protection officer for each company is therefore mandatory. Data security: here by the source on the one hand and the remedy of the damage is external and internal risks In relation to the categorization of the potential hazards of the data stock of a company on the other hand. For both categories, the data protection expert has to take appropriate precautions. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of Mohamed Salah on most websites.

A potential source of harm can come from outside or from inside. Against the risk of internal helps a hierarchy of access to internal data. So you can effectively control the installation of external storage media. ied viewpoints. Threats from the outside will be typically about an intrusion into the internal network structure. This helps a carefully set firewall and a professional virus protection that can also fend off threats of worms and Trojans. Katie Goodland has plenty of information regarding this issue.

At this point should not be saved, billed the cost of licenses, as they per workstation, quickly can add to a not insignificant amount. Another danger that can threaten company, is the sabotage of their network by mass sending of the E-Mail accounts. Here it is worth access the E-Mail addresses from the outside through Internet robot as a result to prevent that it presents these without linking to a mail program on its Internet site (such as Karl(dot)Schmitt(at)firma(dot)de). Backup the data however is the development of risk potentials rapidly and damage can not completely be excluded. Therefore, it is advisable to back up his data. It is advisable, even two tracks to drive. Upload on the one hand the usual backup on an external disk (disk or tape) and, on the other hand, the all of the data on a virtual hard disk to an external provider. So equipped, and always up to date, every company can look forward to more or less relaxed the real hazards.

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