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Financial Analysis

Many managers who aspire to move up the career ladder, face the problem – they are still poor knowledge of financial management. Business owners hard to decide to entrust the responsible post of a man who can not count the money the firm. Managers seeking to expand their knowledge and understanding of finance, will assist in the article provided a selection of books recommended by the shop kniga.biz.ua. For this review, we selected the most understandable book to quickly understand the emerging issues of financial management. Important financial skills for managers are: reading the financial statements, cost-benefit analysis of investment projects, budget planning and cost management. The study of our recommended books will help you to overcome another barrier for career advancement. Book 'Highlights Management' This book publisher was better call the 'Key financial indicators of management'.

It is a detailed guide, which deals with financial ratios and other indicators commonly used for successful business management. Its uniqueness is that all the fragments of text are accompanied by vivid illustrations, diagrams and drawings, as well as the calculated examples, which contributes to its light perception. The book is designed for financial managers and other professionals wishing to in financial performance. And as for students and teachers of economic institutions. This book is especially valuable because it allows us tired after a busy day manager just come home at night, within an hour and a half, easily and without strain to get acquainted with the finances.

The book 'Corporate finance and investment' currently in our country enough foreign books published corporate finance and financial management. Among them are the work of R. Pike and B. Nile distinguished by the fact that she was the most action-oriented readers. The authors themselves see the merits of his textbook, First of all, that it meets the needs of a wide audience, including not only students but also practitioners, increasing their skills in the business of education. To do this, in presenting the material focuses on case studies, ie, situations from real life that illustrates the theoretical concepts discussed. The book sets out in detail the theme 'risk and return on investment', 'raise funds' book is intended for practical workers will be interesting to students and university professors of economic orientation. The book 'Investment Valuation' Evaluation is the basis of any investment decision, regardless of whether it is related to the purchase, sale or possession of the assets. The book Asvata Damodaran is a classic work in the field of investment valuation. It contains tools and methods for determining the value of virtually any asset, including securities and securities, including even such complex objects evaluation, as companies that provide financial services, and assets of Internet companies. In addition to assessment algorithms, the book contains many examples of real business, illustrating theoretical positions. The book is aimed at managers, entrepreneurs, investors, professional appraisers (including real estate), employees of investment firms and banks, as well as teachers and students.

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