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Preparing documentation to refer to a consultant in Seville, I found a text file that I wrote in October 1993. He had a rather sensitive professional experience and a friend of Cadena Ser encouraged me to write about it and provide a copy to give to the editor-in-Chief of the SUR journal. The truth, I don’t know if it was published (you have already observed throughout this blog that my writing leaves much to be desired, let’s say it is domestic), but it came to me very well as therapy and I tackled the future differently. Well, here goes. Working in an honest manner is a basic requirement of any person. If one of the objectives of the company is profit, the central purpose of his human component is well know-how processes, tasks, actions, of competent, efficient and honest way. Although my particular statistic is not representative of the working population, I think that, initially, there is a moral conscience in the majority of people, not to say all that they begin their professional activity. But, to pass the time, this initial provision can be translated by various factors and determinants in a passive, secondary, attitude that could generate, for example, total type, what answers.

A few days ago I received a phone call from a dear friend; We stayed for dinner. The last news that had was that he changed job, a local service company had jumped to an entity of regional scope, with a respectable volume of transactions. That was what he wanted. The firm remained small, wanted to experience the feeling of working in a large corporation, further developing their attitudes and skills, coexist with a large group of people, teamwork, communicate their experiences, learn, overcome again. He had clear ideas, at least I thought. However, and as customary was to yours, asked opinion to his group of friends.

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