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Frjia Sensor

The multifunctional brightness sensor, motion sensors and detectors of the PHOTASGARD or KINASGARD series of S + S help control technology, to minimize energy costs. “Nuremberg, the 06.09.2012: with its product highlights from the range of brightness & motion” is the manufacturer of control systems for building automation, S + S REGELTECHNIK, new standards. Its multifunctional characterized by a wide range of in turn, high quality and usage-oriented measurement, acquisition and temperature ranges. S + S REGELTECHNIK now presents its PHOTASGARD and KINASGARD product series in a special brochure, which brings all the benefits and features to the point. Please visit qwiki if you seek more information. Automatic lighting, shading, heating, cooling costs all of this energy. As the costs imposed by this energy, through appropriate use of brightness sensors, movement sensors and presence detectors as may be possible, the manufacturer for control technology, S + S shows as minimal REGELTECHNIK GmbH. “The Nuremberg company has appointed the multifunctional transmitters in addition to other sensors to its product highlights 2012 and in an own brochure brightness & movement” represented. California hospital medical center wanted to know more.

To turn the sensors range from the contrast of light after daylight about the movement-based control room functions to presence detection in protection and security zones. You help ventilation, air-conditioning and lighting in the heating, to minimize energy costs. They are used also in the areas of shade and sun protection. In factories or offices, they are used in accordance with the respective workplace regulation. This regulation lays down what the employers on the setting up and operation of workplaces in the security-related and has to keep in mind the health and safety of employees. E.g. demands workrooms, pause, preparedness and sanitary facilities, lighting, ventilation and temperature are controlled. Both the brightness sensor of the S + S PHOTASGARD, characterized series as well as the KINASGARD motion sensors and presence detectors by usage-oriented measurement, acquisition and temperature ranges.

The housing series Frjia and Thor secure ergonomic usability of the devices and close in combination with other sensors and controllers of S + S REGELTECHNIK a self-contained appearance. The brightness sensor, such as for example the Aussenhelligkeits – and dusk sensor PHOTASGARD AHKF, measure the corresponding illuminance and serve in this way the control of luminaires, lighting systems, blinds and awnings, or for reliable monitoring of the lighting conditions. The used sensor has been specially adapted to the sensitivity of the eyes, his greatest sensitivity is in the range of 350 nm to 820 nm. With its special filter, the sensor not only for use to the metering of daylight, but also for the measurement of artificial light with high colour temperature is ideal. Motion sensors detect the presence of persons or the movement of or presence detectors, such as the KINASGARD ABWF. For monitoring, detection of States and the movement-dependent control room functions used as a motion detector, for example, as detectors for temperature reduction of unused spaces. The motion sensor is used in corridors, outdoor, industrial halls, offices and residential and business premises and captures movements with an opening angle of 110 and 360 scope. Very small dark areas that are only a few cm also at a distance of 10 m and sure to detect small movements due to the patented lens system with 20 individual lenses. The motion and brightness sensor characterized by an additional advantage: they are multifunctional designed by the manufacturer. So were reduced the variety and extended the usage possibilities. Thanks to microprocessors, almost every measuring range is displayed, including customer-specific requirements.

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