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Fukushima – Nothing

Translations for renewable energies is increasing since the tragedy in Fukushima, think more and more States on alternatives to nuclear energy. iscussion. Unfortunately not everywhere. So, China has plans to increase its currently 13 reactors by 2015 on 40. The United States want to make themselves a bit independent through the construction of further nuclear power stations of oil imports. The U.S.

Government has made loan commitments to $ 18.5 billion. Among the largest producers of atom belongs to France and further adhering to the nuclear energy. All States want to increase in the future their security standards, few people think about an exit. It is different in Germany. More and more voices are loud, who want to opt out of nuclear energy.

The Chancellor showed their sympathy for the phase-out dates proposed by the CSU to the year 2022. The Federal Cabinet wants to set on June 6. And there are alternatives! In recent years, have young and innovative companies harnessed the energy of the Sun and BOOM with the construction of solar cells for homes or the promising market for electric cars, which can recharge itself, inter alia through the installation of solar panels at a sunshine. Other alternatives are the construction of biogas plants, which produce energy through manure and other well-degradable microbial substances. Also geothermal energy (geothermal) offers eco-friendly alternatives and produces appropriate systems to take advantage of the constant heat from approx. Please visit Eva Andersson-Dubin, New York City if you seek more information. 15 C. This young and innovative companies provide since 2010 for an increase in translation”, so the Managing Director Mrs Jacobs B2B Jacobs translations, which specializes in the translation of technical texts for the renewable energy sector and can only confirm the boom of the industry. Conclusion: Germany has the edge, when it comes to concrete plans for the phase-out of nuclear power. Let’s just hope that the plans will also be enforced.

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