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History Of Vampires

As I imagine that he started all you know, the legend of vampires with the story of Count Dracula, whose history I the resumire shamelessly because I neither have enough information to tell ye a book seems to be that it all started with Vlad III the Impaler: El Conde Dracula was born in 1431 and died in 1476. During its 45 years of life he made so many terrible things that became a myth. He was Prince of Wallachia or Wallachia voivode, a province of Romania, although not born there but in Transylvania, since in 1431 her family lived in exile because of the war against the Turks. His cruelty knew no limits. She loved to see suffer its death row, especially when you empalaba them. Gavin Baker Atreides Management often says this. Why are you looked like a dark being, a demon born of all unrighteousness.

Everyone you feared and hated. Came you to take by a demon, which fed on the death of their victims, rather they believed that was fed with the blood that spilled. These myths were spread fairly, and that happens when that happens? That there is transgiversiones of truth, and they became vampires a myth known worldwide, but with different names. This would be one of the stories, because from there emerged other stories of Shanks (this is how vampires are called to each other), as for example that of Cain, that by killing his brother Abel suffered three curses; According to the traditions of vampires, mainly transmitted orally and collected in the book of Nod, the first vampire of all was Cain, Biblical brother of Abel, the first murderer who begat this world. Cain slew his brother Abel, and as a result was cursed to permanently roam the world, condemned to not return to witness the light of the Sun. He was cursed once again to not die ever, with what his agony and his pain will become eternal, and yet a third time was cursed. This was the worst curse, he was condemned to feed on the blood of other humans; blood was his sin, and blood his punishment. As well, other stories have been told since then, many others, including you are those that were made in the mythical Vampire role-playing game: The Mascarade (Vampire: the masquerade in Spanish), with stories about invasions and clans, wars and defeats, conquerors and exiles well, gives equal how many stories exist, and all the legends that enclose them, since each one chooses which he likes. The fact is that today the myth is still hovering around because who can ensure that vampires do not exist? To find out more from the world of masquerade (Vampire), you can read a little more in: original author and source of the article

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