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Isabel Preysler

They say that it is the best creams on the market. It is recommended by surgeons and dermatologists. And a product is 100% Spanish, Ruby House, sells it laboratories Vectem SA. Its three main components are: collagen, TEAK and aloe vera. Collagen protects and moisturizes the skin. It acts as a protective film from external aggressions.Its main purpose is to renew the connective tissues, by strengthening the capacity of hydration and water retention on the inside of the cells, which provides a good state to the epidermis. Collagen is used in almost all beauty products.(Titrated Extract of Centella Asiatica) TEAK or centella asiatica. An excerpt taken from an Indian plant popular in Asia that stimulates skin renewal.

It slows down aging and smoothes the skin visibly. Aloe vera, soothing natural par excellence could not miss in this combination. This plant has antiseptic and antibacterial, so it is the prefect allied to fight cuts, wounds and bites.You can apply it both in the morning and by the evening. And it is for all skin types.The best thing is the price, compared with creams that are sold in this range it is super cheap. Costs to the rededor of 4 euros. It is said in the gossip that this cream the shot a famous Spanish at the exit of an aircraft, when they went to look in the trash saw that the cream only cost 3 euros. Here he began this urban legend that has been strengthened thanks to the great results and effects that this cream has proven to be on the skin.

It has a downside, they say that the smell is unpleasant. Although to me not what I think, it is true that you don’t have the typical perfume of cosmetics. But you can get without fear to flee from your side. You know this cream? What results have you noticed? Do you know other cheap and effective products? Female Inagen is also on facebook #! / group.php? gid = 164985296850578 original author and source of the article

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