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Kingdom Of Thailand

The Kingdom of Thailand begins in the heart of Indochina and is far to the south, capturing half of the Malay Peninsula. Robert A. Iger : the source for more info. Thais are convinced that their country resembles the outline of an elephant's head. Not for nothing that the elephant is a symbol Thailand. Nature Thailand is incredibly diverse – mountain views, adjacent to the west by Burma, are replaced by impenetrable jungle, then to the east of the dry savanna, and in the south sea beaches, fruit plantations and gorgeous tropical islands, where millions of tourists annually ustrmlyayutsya from all corners of the world. However, leaders are still Australian, British, and third place in the tourist flow occupy Russian. The climate in Thailand also varied as nature. Conventionally, this year can be divided into three periods: the rainy from June to October, dry and relatively cool from November to March and hot from April to May.

But at the same time, in different areas heavily otichaetsya weather in the north in the Himalayan foothills of the temperature can drop to 10 degrees Celsius, and the southern resorts stand 30 degree heat. What time of year is best to go to Thailand? Vacation Thailand Phuket good from November to April – the months in Phuket are considered 'high' season, when not too hot, rarely rains and the water is clear and calm. But it is worth remembering that, when the weather is comfortable set uncomfortable for tourists for money. For a trip to the island of Koh Samui is the most favorable period from July to September, as if to leave and go to tighten in October and November, you are risking to witness the famous vsesamuyskogo flood. The temperature at the popular resort of Pattaya relatively flat throughout the year, so you can relax at any time. However, some seasonality still is: comfortable in winter, hot in the spring and summer and slightly rainy fall.

Trips to Bangkok's best to avoid April to June to avoid being melted in the stifling city. Need a visa to Thailand? Visa to Thailand for Russian citizens are not required if stay in the country do not exceed 30 days. If the trip is planned for a longer period, you must obtain a tourist visa which is issued for 2 months with possibility of renewal for another. Thai visas, you can open a consulate in Thailand both in Russia and in any other country. What sights of Thailand to see and what to try? Thailand – the country is very interesting and different, and to give universal advice that the best way to see – hard. But our top 5 attractions in Thailand to be so: Phi Phi Island with the famous Maya Bay beach and the island of James Bond in Andmanskom moreDrevnie AyuttayiProgulka temples on the river Chao Praya in BangkokeVodopad Erawan in the province Kanchanaburi and the famous tiger-striped hramZnamenity hramTayskaya kitchen – one of the main attractions of the country. Tom Yam, Som There, Pad Thai, and more. Have a great holiday in Thailand!

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