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Kriemhild – Eternity

New released by Kriemhild – eternity is eternity\”simply by her first name Kriemhild. Source: Ken Singleton. \”Already, the Mozart year, the graceful soprano as Kriemhild Jahn for the first time with a solo project in appearance came in: Mozart premiere\”. To the Robert proud winner and graduate of the Salzburg Mozarteum sang the most beautiful melodies of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, who were provided with texts for the first time. To broaden your perception, visit Eva Andersson-Dubin, New York City. \”Under the motto one night in Venice\” there was 2007 also a TV special with accompanying DVD, both in turn obliged the immortal Mozart. And now, in the fall of 2009, the new big task: an album of her own songs. 13 new crossover works were written on the body of Kriemhild. To get away with two bonus tracks, one in German language.

In cooperation with excellent musicians, including the concert choir voices of classics\”, as well as numerous live instrumentalists, touching album originated as a festive, almost majestic and very intimate, which the profile of the talented singer to a Multiple enriched. The album eternity\”will be released on October 02, 2009 Jupiter records in the Sony music distribution. Speaking on the occasion of the publication with Kriemhild. How is the album \”Eternity\” come about? A long history. Ralph and I wanted an album that really suits me and my voice, say a tailored perfectly to my voice work that emphasizes exactly my strengths. Also the new album should be a journey through different cultures, a kind of world music\”. We wanted to incorporate Irish and Asian sounds. And we wanted to create something that has something to offer for every taste, something to relax, reflect, or just for the soul to relax. Not everyone is a fan of classical music or can enjoy a light soprano voice like mine. That’s why Ralph made sure that my voice is always warm and pleasant sounds.

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