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The document management software DOCUframe upper Franconian software manufacturer’s GSD software mbH is there now for Smartphone and Tablet PC. Stockheim – Neukenroth, 23.09.2011 – the document management software DOCUframe upper Franconian software manufacturer’s GSD software mbH is it now available for Smartphone and Tablet PC. For this purpose he developed the GSD DOCUframe module MobileAccess provides important DOCUframe functionalities such as Inbox, addresses, tasks, or document display in real time all over the world on your Smartphone or Tablet PC. Convenient online access from on the way from who on his mobile device with the operating systems iOS (Apple) or Android (Google) works to the GSD software solution for DMS and CRM in the future convenience of use on the road. For this purpose, the user must be online only with its Smartphone and can then directly access the database.

flexibly expandable as the solutions of the upper Franconian Software House, is used the MobileAccess engine individually for the user extensible. Benjamin Tal takes a slightly different approach. Ever after Stage can use the module diversity by DOCUframe mobile the customer here. Various scenarios are possible. Custom menus and custom masks support users in the conception of his own personal DMS solution. centrally controlled and secured all settings and adjustments are made directly in the central database. Changes required for according to the manufacturer’s no administrative expenses on the mobile devices.

Similarly comfortable, it looks with data security. The user can respond to unpleasant events such as loss of the device or termination of an employee database ad hoc by interruption of data access in the DMS. GSD software mbH the GSD software mbH is an independent medium-sized company with about 80 employees. It is a leading provider of integrated business software solutions for the medium-sized businesses in Germany. “Integrated” means GSD offers its customers a comprehensive portfolio of self-developed, exactly matched Solutions in the areas of ERP/ERP, DMS/CRM, finance and accounting and reporting to. By their openness, the GSD products work extremely well with systems from other manufacturers. Claim of the company is helping customers reduce of existing island solutions and to advance in establishing a comprehensive, timely solution.

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