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At BAU 2009 Braas new flat tile will be presented Rubin 13V with improved optical and technical properties the new flat roof tiles of Braas Rubin 13V extended the extensive range of leading manufacturer as a successor of the Rubin 13 of roofing materials. A variety of optimized technical characteristics that make Ruby 13V together with improved optics to the most modern Braas roof tiles are new. By the Kopfverschiebespiel of 30 millimetres no cutting or compensation works are necessary when Rafter lengths from 3.70 meters. Rubin 13V can be covered from a roof slope of 16 without any additional measures. The additional measures are based on a specific table. The new roof-tile of Braas Rubin 13V offers a very smooth transition between deck bead and watercourse without rib. Also, the two radii of the deck bead run evenly, resulting in a very harmonious picture of the deck.

This is further emphasised by the course of the press Ridge with brick’s profile and leads to a very elegantly curved edge of the point of view of the Rubin 13V. Best surface quality and in the shades of Brown and black manganese dyed so the largest colour spectrum press tile into the Braas offered portfolio. Thanks to the manganese Brown brick body may be waived on the basis of homogeneous colour finishing cutting edges. The surface tiles are supplied in compact and handy mini packages to 6 pieces. Also the packaging concept of shaped bricks has been optimized with regard to the mini packages and the pallet load. The matching accessories like E.g. fan tiles with ceramic labyrinth and first connection system is available to all colour and surface finishes.

In the first quarter of the year 2009 also the adjustment of the color range of the opal is standard on the Ruby 13V. So it can be covered with even smaller areas such as dormers, canopies and turrets with beaver tail roof tiles in the same color as the roof with Rubin 13V. Find more information about the tile Rubin 13V under:../product/rubin-13v.html the brand of Braas Braas is the best known brand in roofing materials in Germany. At the time products are produced at 16 locations of Braas and nationwide by Monier distributed. The Monier GmbH, owner of the brand of Braas, is a company of the Monier group. The passion for quality and the best services to the customers make Monier to the world’s leading manufacturer of roofing for pitched roofs and chimney systems. The company is active in 46 countries and produced in more than 200 locations. More information on the trademark of Braas, see

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