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New Website Forget AIDS

New website forget AIDS not e.V. presented a new online presence in the area of HIV and AIDS prevention on the occasion of the upcoming World AIDS Day. The website is clear and clearly structured and provides information on the topics of HIV / AIDS and World AIDS Day. The website contains information about HIV & AIDS, and should draw attention to the immune deficiency disease or make sure that the issue will not be forgotten. To address building the website to the user already on the home page, the integration of the TV spots already on the home page in a large, prominent stage is useful. The videos serve as eye-catchers and cause a recognizable to the user who knows the spots from the TV. The integration of the viral Facebook campaign on the home page, as logical starting point for users who access the site via Facebook is also necessary.

Aim of the relaunch was central to play the attention strong content, such as for example the TV spots in the foreground and to put the user in scene better to attract and facilitate entry into the topic. Facebook, the optimization of the Facebook fan page by vergissaidsnicht.de is divided into two stages. First the user be encouraged a photo of on the wall for the fan page post.This action connects the Facebook fan page to the site. For the design OgilvyOne Dusseldorf is responsible to, the technical implementation was realized by wmdb Systems GmbH. About forget AIDS not e.V.

Is one of the oldest private clubs in Germany. The Club serves HIV positive and AIDS people in the everyday life and provides assistance with administrative procedures. The education and information in the TV, radio, Internet and the social networks through prevention and education in the field of HIV and AIDS are target our Foundation of the Association in addition to the offers of help actively to shape. Another part of our work is awareness in schools, discos and at information events in pedestrian zones or at street festivals, because knowledge about ways of Infection with HIV and living with the people who are affected by this disease in our society still not at 100% is sufficient, in this regard, our Internet platforms and organization offer ample opportunity to find out. Press contact: Forget AIDS not e.V. brewing hofstrasse 12 10587 Berlin 030-221.922.89.0

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