Promoting Democracy in Algeria

Organizational Behavior

Objectives: To ensure compliance with this commitment to social responsibility in the quality of working life are required to comply with the following objectives. Safety and welfare at work: This includes reasonable working hours of a standardization effort of the working week beyond the normal more than the repetitive application of a single, feedback on the results of an activity as a basis for self-regulation rather than fragmented total tasks, planning as well as implementation of activities. Participation in the constitution of the organization’s work. Even in private areas on non-work matters, freedom of expression without fear or reprisals; equity: convenient procedures. Balance between work and life. This involves the work requirements, including programs, budget, travel urgent measures are not taken time for leisure or family time in Everyday Life, and promotion opportunities do not require geographical changes frequently.

Relevance social and working life. Includes the recognition of corporate social responsibility in how products are marketed, waste disposal and treatment by employees. Social integration in the work of the organization. This means, free of prejudice, equality, mobility, interpersonal openness; face to face support groups or work teams, and a sense of community in the organization that extends beyond the primary groups. C ONCLUSION The existence of a working environment characterized by solidarity, brotherhood, cooperation, mutual support, mutual respect among all members of the group, particularly the relations between managers and subordinates, discipline and legality, is a job should be under the domain of good management that is seriously concerned because it expresses a true social responsibility in the quality of working life, especially now when the characteristics of the demand scenarios.

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