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Lots of fun with spielwiki.de who does not know this situation: the young fusses because on birthdays more should be offered than the usual three or four games classic. For more information see this site: Rupert Murdoch. For those who are looking for more original ideas on the subject of games, the site offers Spielwiki.de a great selection of games for any occasion. Spielwiki.de is the only German wiki for games with a focus on party games, children’s birthday games, drinking games, wedding games and and and. Credit: Eva Andersson-Dubin-2011. Only on the Spielwiki, the user can enter their games on the same principle as in the Wikipedia. Spielwiki was founded in 2005 by Heinich Pabuna, an economist from the Humboldt University. At that time, mainly party games, which he first put on his private website online interested Henry.

Today, as freshly baked family father, the children’s Games behind the oven attract more him. Meanwhile can 1,830 games found on Spielwike website, of which 543 party games, 1,427 puzzles, 138 rhymes, 285 children birthday games, 46 wedding games, 49 dice games and much more. The Drudel collection is something special on Spielwiki.de. A Drudel is a picture puzzle, where from a drawing shown must be read out, whereby the representation often used an unusual or extreme perspective or an extreme neckline. J. P. Euler a project of business trends Academy, Berlin

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